If you rent your apartment out, and receive rent (yield), whoops, your apartment is now a security according to the SEC, and Gensler controls it now

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  1. Yes it is, the feds maneuvered FBI and CIA to catch a 17 year old hacker that got into GTA 6’s source code, and meanwhile they can’t catch actual pedophiles or fraudsters that steal billions. Implying that iPhones aren’t backdoored or don’t have traceable identifiers/metadata is equally ignorant.

  2. Pretty sure prism and all big tech companies have already handed kwon's data over. He is in a country with no extradition treaties with the US or south korea

  3. When I said countries with no extradition treaties I meant like place like Russia that don't cowtow to the US. Kwon isn't stupid and he probably hand picked a place like China/Russia/UAE with no history of handing people over.

  4. This sounds good but OP might be trolling using his alt reddit account. He has 36 posts and no karma. But even if there is no prize this is a good idea

  5. Goddamn that piece of meat must’ve been like leather. He didn’t stop chewing through that entire speech.

  6. Being able to act and eat at the same time is a hallmark of a great actor.

  7. I Believe its because hitting one enemy with a bomb will generate a certain amount of resolve, and hitting 20 enemies like he did with one bomb will generate 20x that amount of resolve, even though you expend the same amount of ammunition; that means he doesn't need the resolve gains because the multipliers brute force his resolve up to extremely high levels given the high amount of enemies he affects with only one bomb.

  8. Close. The 1 flash and 1 concussion used might give you 2-3 resolve because of the sheer abundance of enemies but will not give you 6-7 resolve like seen in the video. After watching the video 3 times I finally noticed it was the explosive barrel responsible for that.

  9. I think most people are praising the spirit gauge. The issues are with unresponsive buttons (healing, spirit summon) and tight windows on deflects. I agree that deflects shouldn't be harder than Sekiro otherwise not many people will use the mechanic and people will just play around it. I beat the first boss by blocking and using the teleport spell rather than relying on deflecting multiple hits that could easily end me. I don't see an issue with adding a couple more frames to deflect/parry window to make the game more accessible. I'd rather use this mechanic than be forced to play around it.

  10. At the moment it is hard because healing and summon are unresponsive and the deflect window is too tight. Need to fix these.

  11. Blocking works except for red attacks. Need to parry or teleport. You want to use the guardian that reduces spirit gauge depletion on block

  12. Correction: boomers have already bled millennials and gen x dry. It is the rest of us, not boomers that will have real trouble getting returns on social safety net contributions.

  13. South Korea has such soft prison sentences on white collar crimes it’s laughable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually turns himself in, does 2 years, and gets out retaining most of his wealth.

  14. I was thinking he has moved to a country with no extradition treaties like Russia/China/UAE and buying a passport to stay there long term. There is no way someone would risk an angry country having mercy for doing something like this. Bernie Madoff also committed a white collar crime but he got 150 years in prison.

  15. Move away from family and friends with a life on the run? Or put in a couple years in on an easy sentence, keep most of your of your wealth, and be able to stay in your own country with family?

  16. I'm telling you there's no "couple of years on a easy sentence" in this scenario. He will be made an example of if he is caught. They will do the South Korean equivalent of "shame shame shame" in Game of Thrones where they parade a person around a city butt naked.

  17. I would tell everyone including brown people to follow orders but deny all requests (ask if you aren't sure if they are requesting/ordering). Don't talk to or help police investigations and keep your interactions to a minimum (don't chat with them, tell them you want to leave).

  18. I don't drink alcohol and I only use rideshare making myself immune to 99% of all police overreach 😎

  19. I wouldn't bother with ledger live because the software spies and records your transactions and balances and sends it off to the company

  20. You can just turn it off in the settings

  21. This is actually fair. I just dont like the toxic btc maximalism that advocates and promotes government intervention in the market.

  22. I see a lot of people saying no because friends/family but just imagine of you hate your family, have no friends or life partner...

  23. This entire time I never realised dodging lowered spirit 🤯

  24. So ...basically don't waste your blue bar by using magic or skills?

  25. Flask is straight up broken. You need to hard press up on the pad to initiate as opposed to tapping it and the animation is too slow. It should be similar/exactly like the sips seen in Elden Ring, not this travesty. I'm confident this is a massive oversight that will get corrected before launch. I also noticed circle+triangle needed a hard press similar to flask.

  26. This post fills me with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I have no idea what to do now.

  27. Cardano has from day one done everything they could to avoid these issues from the beginning. This is why we have things like full custody of our ADA while staking. Whereas in Ethereum you give up custody of staking which allows for things like slashing. This will become a massive pain point for ETH and may come under fire from the SEC as being a security. While we avoided all these issues in Cardano. This is one of the main reason why Cardano is so much better than ETH.

  28. I hear you but the government is not playing fair or nice. They want to wipe all cryptos from any semblance of relevance. This means taxing, fining, and making it unavailable/illegal for the public. They will try to make all cryptos fit their legal framework no matter how ridiculous.

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