1. Wow the season is premiering before they even finished writing it? These guys are efficient

  2. Master Roshi prequel series about him & Shen under Mutaito w/ Demon King Piccolo as the endgame, also featuring Grandpa Gohan

  3. This would be an awesome way to do a more grounded martial arts-centered Dragon Ball story

  4. I like a lot of the “concept” episodes for their style and direction, the issue is that they generally aren’t as funny as more traditional episodes. This one is an exception.

  5. Matthew Fox received so much attention and praise for his role on Lost, appeared in a few movies and then just dropped off the map. I’ve heard it’s because of problematic behavior which just makes it all the more disappointing.

  6. Josh Holloway (Sawyer) as well. I remember when he showed up in Mission Impossible (Ghost Protocol I think?), and I was sure we'd see him more. Nope.

  7. I think he was in talks to play Gambit for Marvel at some point, too bad that didn’t end up panning out

  8. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, to see if it was really as awful as everyone but Paul described it

  9. All the communities here have goofy names for their streets. The community I live in is Presidential Meadows and named after Presidents and associated terms.

  10. ELI5 what exactly makes Avatar any different from other CGI movies? I've literally never understood the hype.

  11. The 3D technology developed for the movie was much more advanced than anything we’d seen at the time and made for a really cool theater experience when it first came out. That’s why for the next few years after Avatar, almost every major blockbuster also released in 3D.

  12. Got into persona a few months ago -playing P3. P5 seems to have a diferent vibe to it, light hearted, I think. Is it just me ?

  13. I’m a good ways into it now and won’t spoil anything but the heavy real-life themes of the previous games are definitely still there.

  14. I get the feeling that this is a favorite of the band themselves as well

  15. Everything after "he tied a rope around her legs and let her hang for seven days".

  16. That is my all time favorite Omar solo, just perfectly sums up his style

  17. Look tough but they’re no match for the Yellw Jacket Bois.

  18. Yellow Jackets haven’t been the same since the tragic loss of Hawky

  19. It’s okay, but I’m not sure I like the direction the band is going in. A little too out-there for my taste, hopefully the next album takes them back to their roots.

  20. What a farce. This band is just getting more and more experimental, aka nonsensical. Nobody will ever listen to this album again 1 year from now, except for the occasional nostalgia to a tried and failed style full of uninspired psychedelia and instruments that don't belong in pop music!

  21. What’s next, an eight minute track of just sound effects and a guy shouting a random number?

  22. If you've seen his impressions on SNL, you'd probably find he's actually damn good at acting like someone else - probably the best impressions SNL ever had. He's just an annoying fucking host.

  23. Jimmy’s impressions are good, but Darrell Hammond is certainly the best impressionist SNL has ever had

  24. Love Conan, but this song will forever be associated with Napoleon Dynamite in my mind

  25. Everyone knows deep down that the best Mario character is Mario himself

  26. I'd guess that by now she's composed of no less than 10-20 per cent silicone

  27. Cygnus was second place for me behind Cicatriz. That was a tough call.

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