1. I am pretty sure chiropractors go to med school.. is there something you would like to shareM ?

  2. We, in fact, do not go to med school.

  3. Being truly broke and homeless, dont want them to be there long but about 3 days and your outlook on life will change forever

  4. How did this experience change your outlook?

  5. You realize there’s a life outside of the regular path and that a lot of shit really does not matter. It also slows down your world so you actually see things, everyone is so busy these days going from work, errands then home they miss most of the world go by. Also having no duties to anyone or anything but finding some food, it’s nice. We all gotta slow down sometime

  6. You used yourself as an example and provided no more than just anecdotes. I have not seen you in person, nor know your physique. So you saying you’re “healthy” and “extremely athletic” means nothing to me. Everyone wants to say they are healthy. You could lose weight healthily, not starve yourself. This is terrible advice and teaching. I’ll gladly be proven wrong, I’m only just a student, as of my current knowledge I can say that maintaining a healthy bmi can improve all aspects of life. So go on, teach me senior.

  7. You're a student... so you have not met or seen one patient.

  8. Well thank you for this response and added context, I will read into it more and glad this turned into a learning experience. I apologize for giving a simple response for a not so simple question with regards to op.

  9. If you want my comeback, scrape it off your mum's teeth.

  10. but what are you 🧐 I dunno this seems like a question to

  11. My background is in Arts. I decided recently to become a chiropractor when I was in rehab. I placed myself on the accelerated list for learning.

  12. This powerup and accelerated list doesn’t make much sense. What is it do you think chiropractors do? And by paying a monthly fee, how exactly are you benefiting?

  13. Chiropractors move bone. I like talking to them. They inspire me to become one. I want an insider feel for the profession.

  14. Ok… well I wish you luck on your endeavors.

  15. Leaving an abusive relationship is not as simple as just walking away. From the outside, it might look easy (especially if you’ve never experienced it), but it absolutely isn’t

  16. What hardships did you go through?

  17. No dumbass. Floating ribs are connected to spine but not sternum

  18. Thanks I know my anatomy, it was a joke, cuz clearly they just floating there… relax bud

  19. Circular breathing for humans from birds. Or underwater breathing from fish.

  20. But if we swapped with fishes then, would the fish live on land and us under water?

  21. It just said characteristic not total replacement. It would just be a cool trait to have. However yes the implications of such a change would imply that fish would no longer survive underwater but we could still go on land in this scenario. Haven't fleshed out all the details

  22. Hi, you can PM if you want. I am a current second year of McTimoney. McTimoney is under Ulster University but operates independently. It used to be under BPP university however it made it’s change in the past year.

  23. Probs just did a few mobilisations on your shoulder, this can be done with you standing, sitting, laid on your back or whatever you feel like. I assume this practitioner passively moved your shoulders and is trying to introduce motion into the girdle.

  24. What’s this got anything to do with traditional chiropractic?

  25. I originally joined to see technique or research discussions. However, there seems to be a lack of it. I now stay for the endless banter between the two divide of this profession and although it gets annoying and unproductive, I’m able to absorb ‘some’ information and I grab my popcorn when I see the conversations escalate to “prove this” and “prove that”, cuz then I’ll have a new article to add to my collection.

  26. Not quite, at least as far as I understand. For a low back issue, a chiropractor may setup and direct the force into L5 specifically. I think maybe by intention this is what you mean, that the chiro is aiming for a specific joint. Whereas in OMT the setup may be on an area of the sacrum and force is directed through the whole lumbar spine. The goal, or intention if we want to call it that, is to mobilize the whole lumbar spine grossly.

  27. Are there cases where Osteos would employ shorter lever techniques due to, let’s say, restrictions or contraindications that prevents the use of their long levers. And would that still be OMT. As far as I could understand, there is very little difference between chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation (and I mean the traditional osteopathic teachings excluding the MD qualifications) and treatment specifically. Maybe if we talked about the context and history of each profession I can understand that there are differences but would you not say that both professions treat their respective patients through the same methodology or intention which is introducing and improving mobility. (With regards to manipulations)

  28. I can't say I am super familiar with DO education on manipulation, just that they tend to go for gross mobilization instead of the specificity in chiropractic. That alone is a very big difference in technique. It is a completely different technique. While both techniques are aiming to increase range of motion, it is not the same. That said any manipulation is so beneficial that both techniques would likely get results for things like back pain. Even a crappy, unspecific chiropractic adjustment gets results because motion is that important.

  29. This was somewhat a helpful conversation for me to start thinking about what I’m actually doing at school. I am a chiro student after all. Thank you

  30. Maybe go get it checked by someone who can actually see the back of your head

  31. Well I wouldn’t say it’s dying, not yet atleast. It is gaining popularity though over in SEA (countries like Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

  32. Well, manual therapy or manipulations (bone setting as you would call) predates plenty of existing professions but the chiropractic profession is gaining popularity and I’m sure the SEA region really buys into it culturally.

  33. Instrumental adjusting isn’t particularly popular in UK since the major colleges (there’s only 3 in England) only teach the standard diversified and other hands only adjusting techniques. You’ll have some luck finding one who practices the activator.

  34. If it’s 7/10 pain scale and you can’t do basic housework, then that’s a sign to go get it checked by someone, anyone. It could be a chiropractor or physio or just your physician.

  35. Speeding car go in, bone go crack

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