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  1. so…can all pokemon on pogo be transferred from home to bd/sp or only up to gen4? because i’m very much over this game, i just wanna keep my mons.

  2. Nothing can ever transfer from Home to Go. That Melmetal in your Home storage will never be able to transfer into Go.

  3. I don’t really get the whole ‘1 raid pass is 100 coins, BUT if you buy 3, they’re only 300 coins! Thats 3 for the price of 3! You can’t beat that value!’

  4. I figure this is how they ease into the price increases for the remote raid passes. It doesn't make sense now, but if they eventually increase the price of the single pass, then 300 for 3 becomes a "good" deal.

  5. You could evolve during the event, then remove Frustration at a later date. From there, you can use an Elite TM to get Shadow Bone or just stick with Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball is a perfectly serviceable alternative to Shadow Bone, so you don't need to use your Elite TM for Shadow Bone.

  6. It's a visual bug. The red rings from the x2 candy notification are bleeding through into other screens.

  7. If you evolved the Sneasel before the Perfect Pokedex was released in June 2021, then it won't count unfortunately.

  8. Is there any kinda schedule for what pokemon come into rotation next? I really want more mega altaria candy and gyarados candy but im basically not gonna get any until they come back into raids

  9. Yep, the raid schedule for May is posted

  10. I did the two gyarados challenges but its only like 50 total. Good to know about altaria next mo-

  11. You'll have to keep going out and spinning stops different stops for a chance of finding the Gyarados energy tasks. They are

  12. When spinning stops, keep an eye out for the field research task "Evolve a Pokemon". This awards an Eevee encounter, which has a 10/10/10 IV floor since it comes from research.

  13. What’s the current pokemon encounter for defeating Giovanni?

  14. Shadow Latias. It's unknown when this will change.

  15. I just got the research to fight Giovanni, if I battle him, loose an run away to train my Pokémon is the super rocket radar used up? Or only if I win?

  16. The Super Radar is only consumed if you win. If you lose or run from the battle, you will keep the radar

  17. How do I transfer Pokémon from Pokémon home to Pokémon go? I swapped a shiny gible for a meta gross hopefully I can put him into Pokémon go 😩

  18. It's a one-way trip from Go to Home. Nothing can ever go from Home to Go.

  19. What classifies a “big” magikarp? Which ones should I keep to trade for the Fisher medal

  20. 13.13kg or higher is what counts for the Big Karp medal.

  21. You could be waiting months, maybe years for your chance at a better one, and there's no guarantee that it will even be better. I would definitely invest into this one. Those missing IVs barely make a difference in raids, anyway.

  22. It goes further, currently 90 odd away from completing the 512. I’m curious to know if there’s one after lol, I bet so.

  23. Yep, there's a 1024 step, which means that this research is impossible to finish.

  24. I still cannot move Hisuian Electrode over post-update. I keep my Level 1 collection in Home and have been saving one for this update. All Hisuian Voltorb/Electrode on the GTS are still only from Legends Arceus, so is this on Niantic’s side?

  25. Yeah, Niantic has to change some flags in the Game Master to whitelist Hisuian Voltorb/Electrode in the Home Transfer menu. Not sure if they need to do anything else other than that.

  26. Here's a helpful guide to getting all of the evolutions without the name trick

  27. If we pay the stardust for a shadow cubone for a new attack that only has Frustration then evolve it during the event will it learn the new move Shadow Bone?

  28. It will not. Event charge moves can only go into slot 1 when evolving, so Frustration will still block it.

  29. I was just able to check, and yes, those rules still apply.

  30. IIRC, those markers have been there since Kyurem was released. It's still unknown when we will get the other Kyurem forms.

  31. If you are unsure, wait until New Zealand players can confirm the exact rewards, then make your decision. That way, you know exactly what you are paying for.

  32. Are you getting that heart count from the buddy activities page? If so, that page is borderline useless, since it counts all interactions, not just interactions that gave a heart. For example, if you went and took 50 pictures of your Eevee right now, the count on that page would increase by 50.

  33. Tyrogue's special "gimmick" is that its evolution is determined by its highest IV.

  34. Each pokemon can only gain one point towards their Mega Level per day. After Mega Evolving for the first time in a day, you will see this message on your pokemon's Mega Level screen:

  35. Shiny for the flex. Wailord is a pretty lousy pokemon that you'll likely never use except to toss into a gym every once in a while, so might as well go with the purple one.

  36. Not really, no. Shadow Camerupt is not useful in raids and has lousy fast moves that really hold it back in PvP.

  37. When in doubt about a shiny pokemon's availability, check out

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