1. "How do I keep believing what I want without having to acknowledge that the stuff I believe is categorized as a thing I have said I hate? Has anyone done any research on how to keep deluding myself?"

  2. If there is a two legged sliding to the legs with no ball contact it doesn't matter where the goalkeeper is

  3. tldr; Crypto prices are hitting the skids and prices are at multi-month lows. Scams and Ponzi schemes continue to prevail and make headlines every week, leading to a lack of demand for cryptos and that is reflected in prices hitting skids. Cryptocurrencies should be hitting bottoms now at least for the intermediate term, writes CK Narayan.

  4. How long do you have to weight him for? I could have seen the number several times

  5. Just go there, do your stuff, and don't worry too much in advance about things you don't know yet. You'll figure it out, and even in the case that you won't, why worry about it already?

  6. Hasn't completely retraced yet, colour me surprised. Round 2 today?

  7. Ah yes you're right! Nice of you that you are still keeping track of this. I looked it up and I'm already out of the running as I guessed way to bullishly as usual. (06-07-2022)

  8. If I had balls I'd sell and re-buy later.

  9. Ask around for directions to random stalls and such then immediately move in the opposite direction once you get an answer

  10. No experience here, but seems like if you want to combat it, just do it. Start making phone calls.

  11. What people in non-U.S. countries may not understand is deductibles. Even if you have insurance in the U.S. they literally won't pay for almost anything until you reach your deductible (a number set by the insurance company which can be between $2-5,000 or more). So, we pay money out of our paycheck to an insurance company every month that literally won't help us until we pay there set amount and prove we did. And our entire Healthcare system is profit driven, so one of the insurance company's main jobs is to figure out ways to deny claims.

  12. We have it in the Netherlands as well, 400 euros a year "own-risk". So the first 400 a year you pay yourself and after that almost everything is paid for by insurance. We do also pay 150 monthly. Of has gone up alot and people are getting mad.

  13. Well maybe the brits shouldn't have invaded all those countries then.

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