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  1. My doubt was would that switching take a lot of time? Because I’ve heard traditional inverters takes some extra secs to load, btw would you recommend some budget friendly ups or would stabilisers do the work for this?

  2. APC1100VA I can suggest. However your sine wave UPS should work perfectly. Give it a shot. If it trips..then go ahead and buy whatever UPS you want.

  3. Yeah sure, the inverter I had was mainly for my Pc to come for 6hours and I only use ps5 probably 2-3 hours a day so that’s the reason I was thinking whether it’s required or not, any idea how to see if it’s tripping the ps5?

  4. The positive way to look at this is that this perhaps means they are on their way to come up with the cloud gaming platform which some prior articles indicated.

  5. Bruh it doesn't even have triggers( as shown in it's site)

  6. My point was not about the quality of the controller.

  7. Whatever you highlighted is as clear as it can be. You still need a payment method on file for a monthly subscription irrespective where funds are coming from.

  8. It worked :D I tried just now and it didn’t ask for any payment method

  9. The system will work at the lowest common speed of the components.

  10. Games are locked after 14 without an Internet connection, connecting to the Internet at any time during that time will reset the timer back to 14 days.

  11. This is the only right answer. The timer is mainly a temporary local license which will keep renewing if internet is connected.

  12. So it's true. People in IITs love to mention it. In your case this seems to be only thing you have ever talked about in a year.

  13. Did he delete all his old posts after you posted this 😂 ?

  14. No..he had only this 1 post/comment in his entire history when I had checked ... 1 reddit karma and a 1 year old account. So whatever I said held good (technically). No offense to OP of course. Happy he is in IIT and whether he applies that Brain of his for India or somewhere else in the world is cool with me..hopefully for something positive.

  15. Thanks!! This worked!! I remember trying this game when it first came to Gamepass. I was so turned off at the crappy resolution that I let it sit til now, hoping an update would fix the issue.

  16. Awesome..coming from old school Windows knowing these shortcuts helps. You try some and hope they work.

  17. Some games (if they support it) install to non encrypted folders now. Sniper Elite 5 for example

  18. Very limited items and too many people trying. This is not new.

  19. I'd honestly prefer life with no fights and arguments but that's just my opinion.

  20. His website is quite good. Have used it several times to search.. buy never bought a laptop finally. Quality work..especially I recall he took the pain of getting all the TGP values of the 30xx series laptops initially which was very hard to find.

  21. The only one I liked was Nier Automata. Also Final Fantasy VII remake was ok because of the story.

  22. It's funny because the story is the reason why a lot of OG FF7 fans dislike the remake.

  23. A story told by Pixelated characters vs modern 3d graphics..I would prefer the newer one. Fans may have nostalgia.

  24. Get the new ps plus extra subscription launching in a couple of days.

  25. Yeah. This should be the best solution for someone new to the ecosystem and Sony games. Finish the top games here before spending money on new purchases.

  26. You could get the special edition controller. It seems to be dropping in Amazon since the last couple of days, while other Xbox controller stock seems to have disappeared for a month or so

  27. Thanks a lot bro. It's only appearing when I specifically write it. Didn't knew

  28. Cool..seems to be a little pricier though than the regular one.

  29. This is the smartyest discussion I have come across today

  30. Sniper Elite 5 is not exactly a linear game..but its enjoyable nonetheless. Has 9 interesting levels with not much of a story.

  31. Make your wishlist to to play games on paper/list and not in purchases. Just buy 1 to 3 games ahead only which you intend to finish.

  32. I can only think of the terribly unoptimozed Cyberpunk. Push it to Ultra 4k with rtx on and see if your GPU can keep up. Add more monitors and play on multiple screens if you wanna push it further.

  33. Set laptop output/game resolution to 1080p or 1440p or whatever suits you. Obviously if you play at 4k there will be a large fps drop when compared to playing at (I assume) the laptops default 1080p screen.

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