1. I understand that for starting player it is essential to play every ship in line to feel it. But I already have 12 lines finished(and 3 tier 9 in port). I just don't want to drop silver and FXP to top ship that I wiil not have enjoyment playing. If ship is garbage I will FXP it anyway, just after wasting resources

  2. For the ships you've listed there for me I really like and regularly play at t10 Gearing, mino, kleber, st Vincent, Marseille

  3. Honestly, its a random group of 12 players. Dont plan ahead too far, you need to react to the battle situation. In general, splitting up is a good idea, but going 3v3 or 4v2 is up to you, you also need to consider what ships you have, what ships you're facing, etc. In my experience throughout bronze silver and gold, very little of this level of tactical play actually comes in. For that sort of real strategy, clan battles are where you want to be

  4. Singapore people, this tasting/dinner at Raffles on 4 March looks superb. Anyone tempted? I'm trying to persuade a few friends to go.

  5. Btw I think it's worth posting this as a separate thread

  6. I'm definitely up for something like this. Lay and wheeler are pretty good for loose bottles and we can always look at splitting cases in London if needed

  7. I know for a fact that Chelsea has done dodgy deals with youth players - buying their parents houses as an incentive to sign scholarship deals etc.

  8. None of that is dodgy tbf. Incentives to try to make the contract is perfectly normal. Dodgy would be, for example, using a third party company to pay for them or not paying tax on it

  9. It's literally against the rules and Chelsea were found to be paying them via a third party company only a few years ago!

  10. What rules is providing housing to an apprentice's family against?

  11. So I'm a dd main and just started playing French bbs recently. I noticed that the Republique has a 48% fire chance (!) and boy I just can't stop shooting HE.

  12. tbh, if thats the play style you want,y ou should go conqueror

  13. IIRC, I think, gun feeder, PT, SE, CE, AR as a standard 13 point build


  15. If we sell player the entity named Inter makes the profit. In order to distribute it to its shareholders you need to be profitable. Hence, earning more than you spend. Because our debt is very expensive it will be difficult to show profit which you can distribute.

  16. It wouldnt be hard to post a profit. Sell Brozovic, Bastoni, Lautaro, and Barella you'd offset our greatest ever losses, which then leaves you net profit that is distributable to shareholders.

  17. You're right, I stand corrected, I see now that it's sufficient to be insolvent :/

  18. NP. Hope it helps, and appreciate the admittance - most people on reddit would just argue to the death!

  19. How much do you have, and how much do you expect to accumulate over the next 5 months? I bought a Ragnar (discounted) and Stalingrad (full price) at Xmas because I had enough steel to do both, and will have enough steel to coupon another ship by the time the next coupon comes out.

  20. Depends really. BBX is quite good for 'last transacted price', I use wine-searcher lowest reputable merchant price as a guide, but you also have to just take a view. Something super rare with only 1 or 2 merchants selling? Their prices may be well above market. Commodity wine where the spread between merchants is basically minimal - take it at face value

  21. Oh is it? I guess 2021 may well be as you said, but what happened in 2022?

  22. That’s not how the burden of evidence works. And the burden of proof is a legal court precedent not a crutch to win internet arguments with.

  23. that is literally the burden of evidence. You have the burden to provide evidence for your statements.

  24. We’re not in court. I’m not making claims that need to be verified legally. I’m telling a known fact about the community. This is like me telling you Mario is a plumber but some people don’t know that and you then hounding me about not being able to find internet comments with people claiming otherwise. Mario is a plumber and there are plenty of people whose heads that goes right over, I don’t have to prove that to you and failing to do it does not mean I’m wrong and you’re right; it means I don’t want to fish for comments because you can’t be bothered to yourself.

  25. If its a known fact, I'm just asking for any shred of evidence of that fact. I dont believe any significant number of people playing TLOU wouldnt realise that Bill and Frank were in a relationship.

  26. National supermarket chain (Belgium) is doing a 25% discount on most of their best wines. going through the 200+ bottle list on discount I've been able to filter out most of them based on what appealed to me / haven't tasted yet / vintage. Still ended up with 40+ bottles and as my budget is limited to ~1000 euros I decided to filter further based on cellartracker scores as I found those scores pretty reliable for famous bordeaux wines so far.

  27. Assuming you arent fused about the money, I'd buy as much 2018 VCC as you can. I dont know how that sits with the broader market price, but 18 VCC should be a great purchase for a while

  28. Never bought a bottle that expensive yet, but I included the 2009 Leoville las cases and 2018 VCC as they are dream bottles of mine which I'm probably never going to find arround this price again. Won't be able to buy a case of them. Not sure yet if i'll pick 1, 2 or 3 bottles from that price range as f.e. buying 2 VCC and 1 leoville las cases 2009 would mean I would really have to tighten the belt for the remainder of the list. Didn't even list the 2010 Haut Brion at 749,99 because if it doesn't change my life / make me cry from hapiness i'd probably consider it a letdown which is a tough ask for any bottle I believe. Thank you for affirming the 2018 VCC is a valid bottle on my dream bottle bucket list!

  29. VCC is generally not a cheap wine, but it bats (from what I've heard) in the same league as Le Pin, Petrus, Lafleur.

  30. Kidd, loyang, Kii, siroco, save free xp for gromigen and agir

  31. Check out CloudTrail and see if there are any suspicious activities?

  32. the 28 second reload of the french CB line doesn't sound great but I've frequently heard people praising them (especially the Marseille)

  33. t8 is really painful, t9 gets fun, t10 is really fun. 24s reload before any modifications and reload booster = great

  34. Marseille is insanely fun, I'd highly recommend it

  35. Can someone closer to the situation advise on how Esposito's been relative to his potential? iirc he was massively hyped, just curious if he's still on track to being a future starting 11 player for us (or, because Suning, for someone else)

  36. No chance. On his current track he'll be lucky to be a Serie B regular. From what you see in the media he's actually very poor performance combined with a massive ego. He's basically been a disaster out on loans and the one time he had a good spell at Basel he ruined it by getting frozen out if the team. I don't know why we don't sell him.

  37. Not getting much if we sell him now. If he can go somewhere and turn his career around maybe we could make some decent money

  38. thats how we end up with Longo aged 28 on our books

  39. I did it (bronze) mostly in my Aoba and Icarus, with a bit of Guepard here and there.

  40. this is how they're trying to balance a ship that is otherwise perceived as being OP.

  41. The reason this game has always had my attention and world of tanks, despite trying countless times never can hold it, is that in this game, you are never helpless. At least not since stealth firing was removed.

  42. Dunno why you're ranting at me about this, just explaining the answer :)

  43. Australian sauternes? Isn’t that a french aop, or is this something special?

  44. This was probably before the international agreements were in place. Same as you get American champagne for example.

  45. thing is, you can tank these ships you're talking about. the Marseille is harder because of its fire chance and reload booster - its a very potent ship, especially if you bring into consideration (and you should) its manouverability.

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