1. I was thinking about last superstar pro. Hutch, Olave, Wilson just from last year lol

  2. They have now joined Alabama in the group of "Red College Football Teams whose fans do strange things to other schools' plants"

  3. Even if Trump was acting all buddy buddy with him, you would still be attacking him and his supporters. People like you are the reason there is division in the GOP.

  4. Uhhh I think it's more people like Trump calling one of the GOP's fastest rising stars a pedophile that's causing division in the GOP lmao

  5. I'm team reparations on this one because I want to see California minds explode when they realize they aren't progressive enough

  6. Fire Pat McAfee, yeah I said it. Dude's annoying and his "humor" is just yelling. There's few sports related things more cringey than his podcast, especially when Kaaron Fraudgers is on

  7. People already calling him a bust because he hasnt won the starting job yet

  8. Dude's got the same name as Archie Andrews, who keeps going back and forth between vapid Veronica and sweetheart Betty. No way he can be a good QB if he's named after an Archie who fumbles the bag that hard. Already a bust I look forward to his Incarnate Word highlight reel

  9. My favorite Alabama ever is the band, my least favorite Alabama ever is the state.

  10. Petrino hasn’t been at a major program since 2011, the dude was going to take whatever power 5 team offered him a spot.

  11. I get former Louisville coaches probably leave a bad taste in your mouth after Strong but you don't need to disrespect them this hard lol

  12. She’s dead though; what does it matter if she hated Christians or not?

  13. ESPN didn't pay the guy in charge of the scoreboard graphic I guess. Disney layoffs hitting hard

  14. “ Hey Jared, it’s drewst18. I have a huge crush on you, I think you are the best QB to ever wear a uniform. I am blind to all your complete crap play over several seasons, I can only see the good years. I refuse to believe the front office is planning to draft a QB to sit behind you for a year or 2”.

  15. This season for Texas A&M will either be a championship or a trainwreck, there can be no middle ground.

  16. Lol more likely that A&M wins 9 games + a bowl game and neither the haters nor Aggies are happy.

  17. To be fair to Jimbo it's not really his fault his wife cheated on him with UF players lol

  18. Outside of the obvious (2017 UCLA, 2022 App State), I'd say watching 2021 A&M/Arkansas. Watching Zach Calzada in that game actually gave me a headache. I distinctly remember the skycam behind Calzada showing him staring directly at a receiver curled up with no defender right in front of him and all he did was stare at the receiver for a good 2 seconds before falling backwards for an 8 yard sack.

  19. Can’t wait to see the day EA loses its exclusivity and an actual quality simulation football game can exist.

  20. Pretty sure they renewed that contract last year so it'll be a while

  21. He's an assistant to the president now so they had to have somebody who fits BH's "villain" culture 😈

  22. That’s fair but still I think it is the winning ticket. I guess DeSantis’ political glory is more important than the cause

  23. Pretty sure DeSantis is the only one who stood up to Fraudci, and Trump will be in his 80s. After Biden nobody wants an ancient president anymore. It's more likely that Trump's cult of personality is more important to the cause

  24. Real Lion and Bears fans would vote for the Packers again.

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