1. What does he say after that? Sounds like "send me five" But that doesn't make sense.

  2. Yawn. This has to be the absolute lowest priority in this country rn. But sure lets waste resources with these bogus hearings.

  3. Yes, first hearing we've had in 50 years on the topic. Clearly we've been expending too much resources on this.

  4. This is only about a GQP led distraction from, well, everything and expanding the surveillance state which means cash for the military industrial complex. This is as real and relevant as Bat Boy

  5. Highly credible Navy and Air Force pilots would disagree.

  6. Well, we are not cavemen anymore. We understand the fundamental rules of how to travel in space.

  7. There's still lots of fundamental things about science that we do not know, like what the heck dark matter is.

  8. We know enough to put upper limits on speeds of travel.

  9. It’s a sucker play. There’s a very long history of the Dems promising legalization and not delivering. They could push through Obamacare but not cannabis? Please. The Republicans always run as fiscal conservatives then spend like Daddy Warbucks. Never changes

  10. Fetterman is legit, he has done a lot to push for legalization in Pennsylvania and I'm sure he would do the same in the Senate.

  11. Is anyone else both not a weird conspiracy nut and kind of excited to hear what's said?

  12. Yeah I'm super excited, been interested in this topic going back to when I was a kid in middle school. I can't imagine the kind of dull person that would not be interested in tomorrow's hearing.

  13. This would have caused an absolute shitstorm just 5 or 10 years ago but now it will probably barely be noticed considering how destigmatized weed has now become :)

  14. A democrat against legalization? But Reddit told me only republicans hated weed!

  15. Nope. The Democratic Party has a long history of stupidity when it comes to weed too (ask Joe Biden), but I'm glad they've come around for the most part in the past few years.

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