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I paid 8k $ on F1 Authentics for the steering wheel of Hamilton's Mercedes used in the Brazilian GP of 2021. I looked at the videos from the event and I'm starting to have doubts.

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  1. petition: Make the online tag on the sub to be checking

  2. Reading fan fiction and watching motorsports especially F1/FE

  3. any gamechanger content would be greatly appreciated

  4. Latifi out, De Vries in for 2023. MAKE IT HAPPEN WILLIAMS.

  5. What would be funny though is the fact that a Mercedes signed driver will be the teammate of a Redbull signed driver

  6. Idk why but I just ghost people for no reason I like them and enjoy talking to them but it just happens. Also I'm have chronic procrastination.

  7. Was expecting to be your rickroled, now I'm disappointed

  8. I have known tons of people from upper egypt and weirdly enough they take their tea with a ton of sugar.

  9. Was just about to say it, they are notorious for the amount of sugar they put

  10. And also the heartbreak if the strategy doesn't work out, nothing like a breakup

  11. القعدة بتبقى جامدة والله، مفيش حاجة يمينك ولا شمالك فبتجيلك نسمة هواء فل الفل

  12. How didn't he fall off when he did the 180° turn??

  13. Considering that this is Egypt it's highly unlikely.

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