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  1. for me it’s like this.. friday i drink alot and go the club, saturday i wake up on 2 pm tell myself i will never drink again, and then saturday evening the same happens again.. weekend for weekend 😂

  2. Bro you need to go to the Megapark in Mallorca.. that’s some nice shit, better then on the oktoberfest :D

  3. It’s not only customer unfriendly, it’s also not very user data friendly.. i don’t understand why people using VPN‘s owned by Kape technologies.. it’s more trustworthy to give your data to your ISP then to Kape.. there’s only 2-3 VPN‘s you can trust.. my tip: the one with the mouldwarp

  4. You should inform yourself before using a VPN, earlier Kape shared malware and one of their founder worked for the Israeli Intelligence Service.. and now they keep user data safe via their VPN‘s ahhhh yes of course.. they own many Providers.. also the Big „ExpressVPN“ don’t trust them

  5. i have the 1. gen since last year december i would like to upgrade.. but i wait at least until spring next year for improvements and maybe a usb-c case… at the moment i read alot from problems.. not major problems, but i mean for that money they should work just fine like the 1. gen.

  6. the only vpn i trust and which is really trustworthy is the one with the mouldwarp

  7. Laughing at this - can you confuse me with other things?

  8. yes, a squirrel is in bayern called eichkatze.. katze means cat.. but a squirrel isn’t a cat :P

  9. Good choice. The Ultra is big a gaudy and ugly af

  10. in my experience it doesn't accept not turkish credit card so i use gift cards from g2a

  11. i added my german credit card last year in october without problems

  12. firsr i had some problems but then it worked.. but like i said it's been almost a year

  13. So before I do that: the sapphire watches don't get the screen scratches from normal wear? I'd like to be certain of this before shelling out all that extra money ☺️

  14. it‘s much more robust than the Ion X or what it’s called from the aluminium edition.. after 1 year my AW5 stainless steel had zero scratches on the display, now i have the 7 stainless steel.. i don’t know how it will behave when a door bang against it, i haven’t test it :P but it’s not just the saphire glas, the stainless is much more „luxury“ then the aluminum, and every stainless steel model has gps+cellular and i need that, so i always pay the extra cash..

  15. Don’t buy it, it charges so slowly the battery % won't even raise while you are using the phone

  16. it‘s not a power bank it’s a battery extender.. so you snap it on when your phone is full and you have power for a whole day.. people buying things and have no clue how to use it smh

  17. Can you please confirm if it maintains the battery percentage at any level? As in, let’s say my iPhone is down to 30% and I attach, will it maintain it at 30%? Or do I have to use it when my battery is at 90%?

  18. i mean you can use it when you’re down to 30%, but the phone will charge very slow and not even to 100%.. but like i said that’s not the way to use the battery pack, for that scenario better buy a power bank.. you attach the magsafe (like you said) when your phone is full or 90%, now the your phone will hold capacity between 89-91% and mainly use the juice of the battery back until it’s empty and then you have a nearly full charged phone.. so it’s just an battery life extender, not a power bank.

  19. If you’re using the front port I had the same problem there are two in the back use them but if you’re using these two I don’t know how to fix it

  20. i‘m using it with a hub on the back usb port and it’s working fine for me

  21. i‘m also using Wireguard (Mullvad) and Adguard Home simultaneously, and i have no problems at all… everything is working fine.

  22. baaah gaaaay. joking i also like the color, wheres the problem?

  23. Ein Konzern wird nur ein Milliarden Konzern, an dem er an allen Ecken und Enden spart.

  24. own the Gl.inet GL-AX1800 (Flint) since 2 weeks and i‘m absolute satisfied with it.. VPN via wireguard is about 600-700 Mbit/s

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