1. I love the idea of getting these people on the stand and getting them talking so they either give us everything or commit perjury. Taking the fifth in civil court is also negative inference which is allowed to be considered when coming to a judgement.

  2. They'll all just claim "I don't recall". There. Not perjury. They just have a bad memory. /s

  3. Very Nice. Where do you buy handles?

  4. I let this one just happen. Started with making a circle, gradually it turned into a hexagon. Thought it wanted it to be a sphere, then maybe a blanket, then it told me it wanted handles. First time lining something, wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I'm super pleased!

  5. Counting crows "August and everything after"

  6. Ex Iowan here. Cities are better on liberal concentration, particularly des Moines and Iowa city. (Hope you are close).

  7. They go to the hospital once they’re in pain for the morphine. That’s literally the only reason they’re there, they’re too uncomfortable to stay at home. That doesn’t mean they want actual medical help with their condition, though. They just want to be made more comfortable.

  8. See, this isn't it. We wouldn't be overrun if people just signed up quietly for hospice and went home to die with morphine in hand. They don't want a free vaccine, but DO want all of us to save their stupid asses now that they are in trouble. So they clog up an ICU bed for 3 weeks while the heart attacks and cancer patients die at home bc there isn't room to treat them anymore.

  9. I feel so cheated in a way. Imagine all the great things he could have done and all the great music the world is missing out on bc he died! What a huge loss for all of us.

  10. There are people who served one day of boot camp who are eligible for care. Why not everyone?

  11. Not sure why you are being downvoted, VA eligibility for those who served prior to 1980 is very lax on time served

  12. I know several folks who use VA services who didn't make it out of boot. Not sure if they are down voting me bc they don't like what I'm saying or don't agree with that decision on the part of VA...?

  13. Lol. "Up late" and me are no longer friends.

  14. 44F veteran here. I see you.. I'm so sorry. Here to listen if you need. Work in Healthcare. Mom currently has covid but hanging in there. Have lost a lot of my patients tho.

  15. Fellow vet here. Joined up myself after 9-11. I don't know how to feel about this Afghanistan thing either and neither do many of my fellow veterans. It's ok to not feel one way or another. It's going to take some processing. You did your job and took it seriously. Maybe speaking to someone about your time over there would help sort some things out?

  16. M Shepard designs, out of omaha does custom stuff

  17. Mask. Is it fair to those who got vaccinated? No. But I don't want to know I could have done something simple and harmless to save someone's life but didn't out of "inconvenience "

  18. 44F/USA. I'm a busy mom with three kids and a full time job but can chat amongst the chaos. 😬

  19. I moved from Illinois about 10 years ago. The detailed comments above covered most of what I would have said. Only two things I can add; -CT is very hilly compared to the flat plains of IL, there's a lot of solid hiking -As a fan of Chicago Pizza, I keep that a deep dark secret. If you bring up deep dish in CT you may lose friends.

  20. This. The hate of anything not apizza is strong here.

  21. You do what you can with what you have. People on FB only post the good stuff, it's a skewed view and doesn't reflect reality. PPD is real and very common. Don't pick on yourself for having it -you wouldn't look on having any other illness the same way would you?

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