I came across a poll in a piece of writing that asked men "If you were a woman for a day what would you do?" "Get fucked in all 3 holes to experience what its like" urged most men. My question for these men is "Since you already have 2 of those holes now, whats holding you back?

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  1. When I’m feeling anxious about entities watching me, for whatever reason they might be, or even if I’m just imagining it, I envision a white glowing light all around my body, flowing from the sky through the top of my head, through my heart, and out through the bottom of my feet. Surrounding me completely. Then I imagine that light extending to also cover everything in the room and then my home or wherever I am in that same light. It always eases my anxiety. I don’t know if it’s actually effective against other entities, but it makes me feel better. As for whether or not your ex can actually do what you’re asking intentionally, it would take someone who is extremely good at it and very experienced. It would take him most of his life and he still might not be able to do it. He’s manipulating you and trying to scare you. You’re safe.

  2. On the SSA website it says my appeal is on step 3 of 5 Any idea what that means?

  3. Do I need to show up in court? I haven't gotten any notification from them( I know it will probably take months for them to go through this process)

  4. Did you get a letter asking if you want to appeal again?

  5. I drink a ton of water throughout the episode(whatever I can hold down), and sip some Gatorade, or any electrolyte drink to fight dehydration symptoms. I haven’t found really anything to stop an episode once it has begun, but the water makes it much easier to get the vomiting out of the way, instead of dry heaving for 10 mins at a time. Once done vomiting, sip that Gatorade and have some more water. Sleep as much as you can before/after vomiting. A good nap will offset the cycle, and slow down the vomiting.

  6. Wow I don’t know that I could tolerate any electrolyte drinks during an episode…! But definitely drinking lots of water eases the pain of vomiting.

  7. Thiamine HCl big quantities like 1500 mg with mg everyday.

  8. I didn’t know you could take so much!! I take 250mg benfotiamine daily and it already helps a lot. Thanks for the info!

  9. Well, HCL (solgar) is quite different as is less absorbed and has a 4g limit absorption. I tried also other thiamine formats like yours or sulbutiamine in lower quantities like 200-250 and didn't feel nothing. Only this hcl version in 1-1.5 gr with mg I felt a big cerebral boost. I take it now after each meal. One week ago I started metformin prescribed by my doc and my pain quite vanished. It seems related to insuline resistance.... Other format like benfothiamine should be taken in lower quantities as the absorption is high. But again did nothing for me...

  10. I hear that, but you gotta rule it out. What if it helps?? Everyone is different. And if it doesn’t help—you’ll know pretty fast and can stop taking it. Worst one I’ve tried, for me personally, but I’m still glad I did it. Hang in there! Just take the plunge. You never know!

  11. Do you need to have a specific location in mind or just pray for a place where I can fully heal ?

  12. Not a location per se, more like a new reality. :) So no. Nothing specific needed.

  13. Go to You Say Tomato! That place is adorable and their food and coffee are lovely as well.

  14. Not entering. Just want to say that as a person who suffers from a chronic illness, this subreddit has improved my life and my outlook on humanity. Thank you for doing this. I appreciate you.

  15. No one is working toward the future. We are all on survival mode. Our future is when next months rent is due.

  16. This happens sometimes. You should get the electrical system checked out. Change out fuses. I'm willing to bet that some light bulbs have a layer of glass intended to shatter seperately from the entire bulb. This would protect an inner layer that seals in some sort of gas from shattering in this type of event. It would also let one know it's time to replace the bulb before the same thing happens allowing potentially hazardous gas to release into the air. Sidnote; if any light bulbs are blowing up its most likely because they are the wrong bulb for the fixture.

  17. Not a light bulb expert but I did run a hardware store for many years and sold every lightbulb you could think of for regular household use. (As opposed to speciality things you might need to order for.) Never have I ever seen a bulb with a second layer of glass intended to shatter separately from the entire bulb. If this exists, I hope someone will enlighten me!!

  18. Yes, but it’s only gotten debilitating since ME/CFS took over my health.

  19. Yeah best not to go grocery shopping in a small mountain town. Them are tourist or last minute provisions, and priced accordingly.

  20. What are people supposed to do if they live there and need supplemental provisions between long trips to the chain store an hour away? That’s what OP said they were doing.

  21. OP said the sausages alone were $9, sales tax was 10.5%, and the nearest chain grocery store is an hour drive away over the mountains. Price checks out.

  22. Lingerie for men!! It’s a thing and when you find the right pieces that suit your personality, it can be hot af!!! 🥵

  23. My cat steals craft dowels and chomps on table legs. Leaves little tooth marks all over.

  24. In that case … is it possible your wife called and doesn’t remember?

  25. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and am primarily bed and home bound. I rarely cook for myself bc prep and standing for a long time takes too much out of me. However I found this

  26. Thank you for pointing out the anal thing. I think it might actually be good to experience what “getting fucked in three holes” ~actually~ feels. Just the notion of getting “fucked” in my mouth is such a gross thing to say. But guys find women with tears in their eyes choking and gagging on their dick hot for some reason…. As I said in a previous comment, if a guy starts thrusting away in someone’s mouth and making them choke and gag. You should have to experience having a banana shoved in and out of your mouth, with the goal of watching you cry and gag.

  27. Yo I love when my partner fucks me so my eyes water and I’m wondering if I’m gonna choke. He only does that because I ask him to. Don’t assume it’s just for the dude. :)

  28. Why/how would mortekais financial records help to find Isaac?

  29. Maybe they’re hoping he was paid a large sum of money by someone, because he potentially sold the people into slavery? I don’t know why they’d be stupid enough to leave a paper trail, but you never know.

  30. 😂😂😂 we will also accept oatmeal chocolate chip cookies if that suits your palette better!

  31. To have a friend you have to be a friend, and a text a month is all you need really

  32. I’m not sure what you are saying with this statement…

  33. They’re personal “misremembrances,” not a large scale population sharing a “false memory.” So I don’t think it qualifies. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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