Ukrainian soldiers raise money by writing custom notes on artillery shells for $40 before firing them at Russians

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  1. Don’t give up Ukraine. Any part of it. Appeasement never works.

  2. Treaties are only useful if countries are willing to follow them, and conversely punish those who do not.

  3. Now if they would only give them the supplies and support to push out the Russian invaders. The world has become disinterested.

  4. state as in a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.

  5. The state has no business in the bedroom of consenting adults.

  6. You can threaten all you want. The west of the nuclear world will respond in kind.

  7. Apply the testosterone limits applied to sports to regulate fairness

  8. The whole “Covid was a lab creation” story had virtually disappeared…and China goes and does this.

  9. I would like to see the odds of finding the “catch 40 or 25” research tasks so you can do the “advanced collection” challenges without having to burn through raid passes.

  10. Event has started for me, i’ve spun about 90 pokestops so far and only found 2 of the catch 40 tasks. I hope it’s just my bad luck and that others are finding more of them!

  11. How many extra pieces will be left behind? And I’m sure Russia will see if the Allen keys can help repair their broken army.

  12. I hope they are doing better with their planet than we are with ours

  13. I didn’t expect them to say “we have too much. Please take it away from us”.

  14. Why do people use dailymail as a legitimate news source?

  15. I think China is doing a good enough job of raising tensions in Asia all by itself…

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