[Postgame Thread] Michigan Defeats Ohio State 45-23

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  1. Give it to Toby Gerhart or Ndamukong Suh. They got robbed. Right the wrongs.

  2. Unc tar heelllssssss what happeenennnnuuhhhhhhh how you lose to clemson tigersssss you not going orange bowl maye not Heisman how you lose what happennnnuuuhhhhh

  3. Yup. I got it too. When you restart the checkpoint, she'll already be downed with the R3 prompt.. But it still won't give trophy

  4. I was playing on GMGOW and finally beat the Berserker King only for the trophy to not pop. I’m absolutely fuming. The four stags trophy also didn’t pop. Can they please fix this damn game.

  5. Plus MCU doesnt depict Asgard gods as the garbage they are, except for a bit there in Ragnarok when they reveal how things were with Odin and Thor's sister whose name I forgot.

  6. I'm so behind on my backlog. I haven't even touched Horizon: Forbidden West yet. Being an adult sucks for gaming lol

  7. Damn, you ain't kidding. Lol. What other games do you have to get through?

  8. “And so Moses saw, upon the hill, a burning bush.”

  9. Some documents came out recently where Sony said they're aiming for 2027 for PS5. So realistically probably 2028

  10. I gotta agree. I couldn't make it more than 20-30 minutes into this one. Fucking chore

  11. Not that many people would show up for me. He should be so lucky

  12. Read this headline expecting the comments to mean something very different.

  13. My list is always messed up because I use Spotify when I workout. And I workout 6 days a week, for 2 hours a day. But I don't listen to my workout playlist outside of that.

  14. For some reason it's one of the hardest dodges to pull off

  15. Hes still a dummy, how does lava run red with blood if the lava would burn the blood liquid to vapor?

  16. Lost it at the near-mint TC Carson impression lmao

  17. The trolls in god of war could probably come up with a more coherent sentence

  18. Nobody talking about how effortlessly he was able to get up without the use of his hands. That shit was impressive

  19. I think horizon zero dawn is just as good as the other two, and while forbidden West was solid... It wasn't quite up to par.

  20. This has got to be the worst written, direkted, acted and made this mavel has done and its not even close, and clearly no one wanted to be there, I feel like im being gaslit, how does it have 90% on rotten tomatos? is it really just me?

  21. UNC football and basketball lost last night. This is like the best 20 hours of sports I've ever had lol.

  22. until we realize that Bama has a chance to sneak back in at 4…

  23. Please stop showing Frank in SCar gear. It hurts my feelings :(

  24. Feels like old school GT game where we get the ball oncee every 10-15 minutes

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