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  1. Can confirm as someone who has admitted to disliking him and his music in a hip-hop sub.

  2. You must be still receiving down votes at this very moment

  3. I jumped from 60 to 94% last Thursday. Yours may be just as significant.

  4. Pretty sure today is the day I get my email, fellas. Sitting at 94%. Pre-ordered back on 22 July 2021, 512, US.

  5. Aw yeh game is super easy, just do this game breaking cheese strat that no 10 year old in the 90’s would ever think of during a weekend rental period with no internet.

  6. it's nothing but clickbait from them. I remember when "the weather channel" was just a little cable station that had weather conditions scrolling in text while they played smooth jazz in the background. you could fall asleep watching that, it was amazing.

  7. I scoured every level to 100% the game. Even tried every possible combo of exits on that damned second chocolate level, and beat every exit with every possible powerup. Eventually I look it up and find out there are only 96 exits.

  8. Lol. Mystery solved for me too then. I always wondered about that back then

  9. From 40.39 to 60.16. again - my biggest leap yet. Starting to feel like I could see this thing in the next 2 weeks. 512, July 22nd 2021, US.

  10. Aaaaye, I was higher up but I was there too. So fucking dope

  11. you know you can subscribe to comments on reddit

  12. Visceral fat is way more dangerous. It's a great thing that it's the first to go.

  13. NGL, I figured out how the keyboard works after staring at it for a bit, but even now it hurts my head a little. I don't think I could get used to seeing that.

  14. I wish this was already available in Europe. I per-ordered the Steamdeck in February and if we're lucky, we can expect it in winter.

  15. Valve tweeted out last night that they'll be getting through preorders by q4 this year, ramping up production big time. I'm in the Q3, 40% of the way there according the Reddit tracker.

  16. Same day I ordered mine. I'm thinking late August early September. I'm at 40% already now. 512 in the US

  17. It's because they're being doxxed

  18. Hey guys, just found this subreddit. Forgot about my Deck preorder and was reminded of it recently. Excited now that I might actually be close.

  19. I mean, I don't know how much more clear about it he can be honestly.

  20. "Do you let heroine cool down before injecting it?"

  21. I've never thought about it, but that's a good question. Don't they melt it down from a powder form? Does it stay melted?? Lol

  22. heroin used to be a tar like substance. Seems near everything is in powder form now. Either way, it’s more of a mixing process than heating. You’re not really melting anything. It’s like dissolving salt in lukewarm water.

  23. Man, I'm hype for mine. Granted, I'm still waiting to be able to order mine. Lol. Pre-ordered last year.. But getting closer..

  24. They’re ramping up the production big time. I was around 5% of the way there a few days ago, that increased to 10% over the weekend.

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