1. I have read only dramione fanfics till now. But I'm okay with experimenting new tropes. Which fanfics are you recommending?

  2. I read a lot of ChanBaek fanfictions. They're from a group named EXO.

  3. I think you’d enjoy {Vow of Deception by Rina Kent}! First in a very mind-bendy trilogy. Guy in the mafia hires/forces a woman to act like his dead wife. Suspense abounds, especially with an unreliable narrator.

  4. just want to ask for spoiler, im not sure if i can, will delete if im not allowed to.

  5. Late answer, but maybe this will help. I wrote a research paper on Little Women in college, and one of the things I noticed on deep reading is that Alcott purposely sets Amy up as the ideal woman for the time. All the other March girls have flaws that hold them back from succeeding.

  6. i haven't read little women but i just recently watched greta gerwig's adaptation.

  7. Olay and Neutrogena for beginners or folks with sensitive skin. No harm in trying the others, these two are just safer.

  8. i have seen olay retinoid cream on sunday while i went out for some window shopping. i have never tried olay products so i didn't check more about it.

  9. It's basically a sunscreen with niacinamide .

  10. oh! my friend said it brightens her skin... maybe it's the white cast πŸ€”

  11. What's the % of vitamin c? I can't even spot any usual vitamin c derivatives in the ingredient list. Tbh there are better alternatives in the market

  12. i didn't see any % in the ingredients or specifications. May i know the alternatives?

  13. I hate this bar soap. It is moisturizing and soft, but my skin feels unwashed after using it and it makes the skin very dull.

  14. finally someone who shares the same opinion! i don't feel clean after using dove.

  15. The Nivea cell repair is Vit C right? That combined with the SPF she uses are the only products i can see helping with hyperpigmentation. Coconut oil can help seal in some moisture post bath, but it's unlikely to help with dark spots. Its also known to be comedogenic, but in people who tolerate it, shouldn't be an issue

  16. nivea sunscreen is good too right? the one in the blue bottle? i remember someone posting a study on sunscreen here and nivea topped the list πŸ€”

  17. maybe im not rich enough to say this but usually this happens around me... usually couples get a separate room and the others share their rooms unless they can afford to pay for a separate room themselves. so, this doesn't seem too much of an issue to me considering you are very close with your family.

  18. im SO borrowing this.. it's the way OP condensed my life long complaints into one small sentence?!

  19. i think it's some legend shit. exo is the most powerful in asia afterall.

  20. I actually know a very popular M x M fanfiction (ChanBaek of EXO) with this exact plot. 10080.

  21. It surprises me that no one has recommended {Lemonade by Nina Pennacchi} yet in this thread. The book starts with a young man and a young woman in the mid 19th century attending a ball at which the man delibrately spills lemonade onto the woman's dress because he perceives her to be a social climber who doesn't deserve to be there.

  22. i was about to reply with this. if op is okay with non-con then this is the best recommendation.

  23. i don't despise using natural packs on my skin. especially the ones my grandmother and mother taught me (besan, haldi, dahi always works wonders on me).

  24. I am the opposite. I don't like natural packs because I am highly allergic to raw besan. Even the fancy expensive ubtans which are sold, i cannot use due to the presence of besan. πŸ₯² I guess my skin loves the "chemicals" and hates anything "natural and organic".

  25. it happens! this is exactly the case with my sister. she has been allergic to besan all her life. she never once broke out because of the nivea moisturiser(the only skin care product she uses) but has had a reaction to besan. all of us have different experience with skin care 😊

  26. So I'm the other way to you, I have worked in 'the office' for 30 years so going to working from home was weird. Here's my perspective coming from the other side. What you are experiencing for your life experience is normal.

  27. Wow. This makes me understand the other side better now. Thank you so much for putting out clearly for me.

  28. Now you know why introverts were rejoicing at working from home for so long!

  29. This teared me up. Thank you so much. You really put things into perspective for me.

  30. I have never heard of such policy. I’d avoid that place.

  31. ikr?! i was dumbfounded when they said that to me. all the reviews were praising this salon and i assumed that that's how luxury salons work.

  32. Shaving is better ! Waxing can damage your skin , since it’s your first time and you have a special event , I would suggest you to shave and not to experiment.

  33. I have waxed before, just not in a salon πŸ˜… I've used one of those wax strips.

  34. I loved your requirement but when I read that most of the suggestions, I was kind of disappointed. Ugly Love was okay at best, truly not as ground-breaking or heart-shattering as it is publicized to be.

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