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  1. Am I the only one who is usually consistently able to find quality firearms at or very slightly below the going rate? I mean yeah a good amount of the tables are either non-private sales or crap but I'm usually always able to find something good

  2. It's sheer luck. I've struck gold every time I've gone to one but my buddy never lucks out.

  3. Oh god oh fuck watch out Yudkowski, Russia is the real Roco's Basilisk

  4. It's better at brawling compared to the Tiger II (p) but terrible at long range.

  5. Have you played Tiger IIs? Like Panthers, at low speeds they've got this weird pseudo-stabilized thing going on. Long as you're not hitting the brakes too heavily and bouncing the chassis you can brawl all day long in Tigers. And given how the 76mm only has a relatively narrow shot at your turret while you can crack the whole damn thing just by looking at 'em, it's a pretty lopsided arrangement.

  6. It's amazing, the sort of thing that leaves you reeling in the best way

  7. Nope. Taint is currently hiding in Romania because his ass is being investigated for human trafficking in the UK.

  8. Remember when Jordan Peterson's daughter left her then-husband and abandoned her kid just to be with Tate lol

  9. The very first pack I opened had Giant Bird and Serpent Night Dragon in it.

  10. Dugin just learned about the other foundations of geopolitics firsthand.

  11. One of the most healing videos I have ever seen in my life. A fascist learns the real lessons of Fucking Around.

  12. I know the concept of another person loving and caring for you based on who you are is a completely alien concept to you, but for most people it's a pretty achievable goal.

  13. Crypto nuts cannot be assed into putting any effort into actually making money, it makes sense they're equally unable to put effort into relationships.

  14. Crypto and wsb are a godsend for divorce lawyers

  15. I have firsthand seen three relationships end because of that stuff. Granted, none were married(thankfully) but still. One of my acquaintances got really really fucked over by her ex-bf.

  16. There were only two Sturer Emils ever built and for some reason it's in the tech tree while we're still missing a few vehicles that saw real production

  17. I always got an lol out of this kind of grift. If she truly believed it she'd shut the fuck up and fade into the background so men can do the talking.

  18. Hey folks, let's not forget the woman who made it possible for Diaz to be in such a position

  19. "I turned myself into a struggle meal Morty! I'm Rickle Rick!"

  20. The answer is both, simultaneously. To quote Caesar misstating Hegel, "Dialectics, son."

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