1. Go to Joe's on Airyway. Then rethink what ranked. You shouldn't have any chains on this list. Expand your search.

  2. Klutch makes one of my favorites Orange 43......killer

  3. I mean... that describes me, too? Went north to work at AK Steel and NCR? The other half of me are European immigrants who came during the same factory boom.

  4. one of my favorites, firelands hasn’t disappointed me yet

  5. Firelands is a arm of Woodward . I have nothing but good things to say about both.

  6. It always comes across as smartass to me. Like they're pausing to see if you realize how dumb you are for asking the question. I'm loud and proud of my ellipsis hate when it comes to work emails.

  7. Not true all companies can test and refuse to hire.

  8. In your system 30 days if you pee, longer if they are taking hair .

  9. What is and where is said crooked house?

  10. Do you have your gall bladder? My husband and MIL both do not and edibles have zero effect on them unless is a ridiculously high mg. Not sure if that’s the issue.

  11. No Gall bladder.......edibles kick my ass.

  12. All kinds of factors are involved in finding what works best for individuals. Terps THC.....YOU CAN GOOGLE any kind of flower and it will tell you what strain works best for pain.

  13. it’s the same as drinking on the job in most employers mind

  14. Hey I medicate every morning before heading in to work. I work with knifes slicers and other sharp tools. It seems to keep me focused on my goals for the day, I have never cut myself to the point of needing to go to the urgent care. So I think the answer to your question can be answered by the individual. I don't think you will get a clear cut answer.

  15. 4 1/2 1 January 2022 no more tier system on any product. 45 days is 4.5 ounces of any flower.

  16. Wellness Ohio in Lebanon has it just picked up 5 10ths.

  17. I think not. It's rates up there with Klutch . No questions about the quality of the product.

  18. Do you know what the margin on that is? It’s being produced for less than $30

  19. Ok do better higher THC percentage at a price like that. It wasn't the greatest but it did its job and like I said "you do better"

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