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  1. Are those rocks? Ice? Doesn’t matter, all feels the same- Great shot!

  2. Thanks, mainly rocks covered in ice and frozen snow.

  3. Awesome picture, had to double take what subreddit this was posted in

  4. Don’t think it will ever arrive. The main goal for Spotify (as the biggest “mainstream” streaming service) is quantity with some additional features without additional costs not quality at all. Going “Hi-Fi” would significantly increase costs and will not make significant change in income (they are still the biggest streaming service in the world). Apple made “lossless” for free because they are rich enough and this is the only way for them to get closer to Spotify. Especially considering their system is not so widely available (no app for PC or any kind of support for ~90% of third party music hardware).

  5. That could either be the Asus calibration software that everyone else is talking about, or it might be the power supply in the screen itself failing. I would hope it's the first option, but the second possibility is certainly not out of the question. If the uninstallation does nothing, see if you can get Asus to replace the laptop.

  6. It can also be iGPU failure or ribbon cable flaw. Little curious because so many 2022 units suffer just the same problems.

  7. Asus iGPU drivers and software are literally garbage since 2021. I haven’t seen such a bad job for years (even in cheaper machines).

  8. I think a lot of people have a usb-c hub connected to that port, any other option?

  9. You can connect hub to the USB-C on the right and display on the left - problem solved

  10. Okay, thought you'd need the PD usb-c port but that's nice

  11. Only if You need charging but using USB PD in this unit is risky for not “eco-mode” usage

  12. Actually most of gear about 250$ and above are not made in China (except Hifiman, but it would be shameful otherwise).

  13. Most beautiful keycaps I have ever seen. To be honest these are the only ones I would consider instead of my current set.

  14. Pro(-ish) live sound engineer here. Sounds crazy, but I'm trying bass -5, mids 0, treble +1, bass boost ON.

  15. True - same with CX TWS (bass -4, mids +1, treble +2, bass boost: on). Feels much more neutral and close to the harman target.

  16. I've listened to tons of headphones, but none of them was disappointing enough to achieve the Elegia level - even with the DSP. They are just mediocre headphones in the price of very good ones...

  17. Tried uninstalling display drivers and reinstalling various of them. Still no luck.

  18. Best mobo to choose - such a beauty <3

  19. These temps are fine - no need to worry

  20. Never saw temperatures lower than 45 on this laptop but I like when it’s quiet

  21. Actually I followed these and it’s much a better than it was (but actually maybe in winter they will be lower)

  22. Hifiman HE400se or HD560s. If you must buy or just like Beyers then definitely DT770 80 Ohm

  23. This. The 400SE's haven't had the usual quality control issues you sometimes see with Hifiman, and they were a solid competitor at $150, now they're at $109. And you get a taste of that planar sound.

  24. Actually the HD560 vs HD600 is kinda tricky, because HD600 are better pair of cans but little bit outdated comparing to much more modern HD560s (tilted drivers, technical performance, etc).

  25. Oh wow, that's a high starting price. Are you sure no i5 models will be lower? Otherwise yeah, the G14 has the performance you want and the ZenBook Duo has more niche features. In my country the XPS 13 is cheaper than a G14.

  26. Little jealous, XPS series here is crazy expensive (base 9310 with i5, 8GB, 256GB, FHD non-touch is ~6700 pln, so 1,5k usd). Saying that, you can buy G14 2021 with R7, 16GB, WQHD screen, RTX3050 for ~4k pln (~890 usd). So the price difference is more than just noticeable.

  27. That's a little nuts. Over here the G14 isn't cheap at all, it's similarly priced to the X13 for whatever reason. I guess market demands as it has been hyped a lot. But yeah, maybe wait for the new ASUS ZenBooks? They cleaned up their design and have crazy specs.

  28. Bought Zephy G14 2021 and pretty happy with it. Initially had to replace WiFi to Intel (Mediatek had problems with WPA-2 Enterprise and randomly dropped connections) but overall laptop is superior (awesome battety life, great performance, quiet work). My only complaints are trackpad (kinda small for 14" laptop and screen is nothing near XPS 9370 UHD version which is just brilliant).

  29. When it comes to design I really appreciate Focal MG series, Bayers DT1990 Pro and (my personal best) DC Stealth (they look bit “gaming-ish” but extremely refined)

  30. Ya. I think the issue is mostly with powerful laptops (Like Dell's XPS line) that have 45+w TDP CPUs.

  31. Not only powerful - my own XPS 13 9370 have exact same problems (also huge battery drain) and not solution till now at all... (now I have also Asus G14 and had Acer ultrabook - both same S0 problems). Seems there are only two solutions: Linux (sleep works perfectly on all mentioned machines) and Mac OS X...

  32. For movies you need something with good soundstage, imaging and enough bass/treble mixture for the "wow" effect. I would recommend:

  33. Good point byt still the lid is not like in G-series...

  34. Looking at the bottom of the lid it’s the M16 not G14/15

  35. I can get 660s for same price of 600 here in México, should i buy the 660S?

  36. When it comes to differences between these two it comes to personal preference. HD660s are obviously better when it comes to technical performance (they has the HD700 driver) but I would always chose HD600 instead.

  37. Because they are much more “natural” (and somewhat “neutral”) out of the box (actually one of the most natural sounding headphones on the market) and because of impedance response they can pair well with older amps and tubes giving some “retro vibe” (on the other hand HD660s are significantly better for small desktop and portable amps and DAPs).

  38. I heard all of listed and here are my thoughts:

  39. There is no such a thing. It comes to subjective preference. But surely the closest to "objective perfection" are products like Sennheiser HE-1 Orpheus or Hifiman Shangri-La. But, in example Hifiman Susvara or Dan Clark Audio Stealth are not so far behind in any case.

  40. Actually the judges’s behavior (especially Britney’s) was highly disappointing. That was just offended and like “We are the stars here and you’re not worthy to exist if don’t admire our shine”. Surprisingly unpleasant to watch. Maybe I just expect too much from these guys…

  41. Its ExpressCard 34 cover. You can use this port for some extensions like more USB 3.0 ports, SD Card reader, FireWire, Ethernet, TV or even basic eGPU (but without extraordinary performance)

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