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  1. I’ve got to say, this woodwork is definitely up there!

  2. Dang they have an uncanny resemblance to the setting for Horizon: Zero Dawn. I would love to try out Utah’s parks!

  3. I'd have to disagree. I thought the sequels lacked a clear known outcome/vision which led to Snoke being a meaningless character. This scene was remedied by Disney saying it was Palpatine all along which was lazy storytelling imo.

  4. “Your vision lacks clarity, while mine does not

  5. Or icing on cake. Even has a swivel thing to get around corners

  6. I did product development, prototype machinist work and being a fusion expert really helped, now I'm teaching a CNC class at $75 per hour, and getting guys coming out of prison well paying jobs.

  7. Omg if there was an Easter egg where belt immunity equipment stays in place when put on a belt, how many people would ever see it?

  8. If I recall it was actually the scoutmaster, but similar energy lol

  9. Its all a joke. Presidents are figure heads and distractions. Corporations run America

  10. Nothing about that build is healthy though. It screams hypertension and high blood pressure, not actual fitness.

  11. You realize hypertension is just the medical word for high blood pressure, right?

  12. Oh my bad, I knew that too lol. This is why we don’t reddit before coffee…

  13. It's enabled, it just isn't officially validated.

  14. But it’ll probably put a ton of thermal stress on the chips inside and potentially burn out components quicker doing so I’d imagine?


  16. I am still on my 2013 15” MBP, so I am on 9 years and one system lol. I am ready for an upgrade but money, of course 🥲

  17. Holy fuck, delivered on the promise! Awesome work OP!

  18. Bro id settle for a 3080 and play it with raytracing mostly just to admire. (Plus the extra performance from dlss

  19. Honestly this, it would benefit so much from dlss

  20. Maybe the money should’ve been put towards the US education system after all, look at your spelling.

  21. This is a pretty low effort right wing shit post

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