1. I wonder why Baby wasn't a hit with English viewers as Elite was.

  2. I’m guessing the heavy topic of child prostitution in Baby was a major reason why. Adding on to that, the whole plot was based on a real prostitution ring. Even though there’s pimping in Elite, it’s not the focal point.

  3. 6.5, but easy potential for 7 or 7.5. With brown hair, no botched lips and hair covering the sides of her face she levels up very easily.

  4. This sub is disgusting and I don’t know why Reddit keeps pushing it on me. People are not cattle at an auction. Billie Eilish has specifically expresses discomfort at being judged by her looks. Y’all need to really examine what is lacking in your life to make you do this. I promise you are enough, your looks don’t define you, and you are worthy of love regardless of what you look like.

  5. Hey, longtime lurker here. Vindicta and all of its adjacent subreddits do NOT not peddle to people that beauty determines their worthiness of love. It educates on the undeniable fact that beauty influences better treatment and privileges in life, and means to achieve that privilege. In that respect, looks can define you.

  6. Surprisingly I like Selena in this outfit even though it goes against her lines. Her long pants hiding her heels gives the illusion of length. And the suit is not very boxy.

  7. Halle Bailey has very similar facial harmony and facial proportions to Anya Taylor Joy, and yet she the latter gets rated more highly in the community.

  8. Samu’s death also made no sense because he was in many ways Elite’s main character. He’s the first person we meet in 1x01, covered in Marina’s blood and questioned by the police. Then he becomes the central mystery figure of season 2. Then him and Guzman team up in s3 to take down Polo…

  9. Hi, I was just curious to see how far softmaxxing can take oneself on a rating scale. In the before photos I’m about 45lbs heavier than I am now, with thinner brows, bad makeup and ugly clothes 😬

  10. 4.5 she's way more attractive in masculine clothing. Look at her photoshoots masc clothing suit her androgynous features better than classically feminine

  11. Agreed, Emma D’Arcy has a more masculine vibe and looks somewhat out of place in dresses—way more handsome than Matt Smith. Their vogue photoshoot proves this.

  12. My nose looks a lot slimmer after losing weight, I’ve posted some before and afters on the

  13. 6, she’s high school pretty. Could easily be a higher rating if she styled herself better, sadly her liner only accentuates how one of her eyelids is much more hooded than the other.

  14. 8, very classic and elegant features. She suited the regal look in Magnificent Century: Kosem very well.

  15. 6, I know I’ll get smack for this but her features are disharmonious. Her lips, eyes and nose look great in isolation but do not compliment each other. Her philtrum is very short and her eyes are far apart.

  16. When he looked at her, she was smiling. She didn't show any sign that she didn't wanna engage with him. She didn't want to, but she didn't act towards it. Alicent's failure to act towards her feelings doesn't make viserys a rapist. Also for him she is his equal.

  17. Jesus Christ, women can be even orgasm even they are being raped. Doesn’t change the fact that many women who did hit the big O still called it rape, because that is what it is.

  18. As a woman around Milly’s age, I can definitely understand why she didn’t want full on nudity—keep in mind this show is post MeToo and after the Emilia Clarke saga where she insinuated that she felt taken advantage of during her rape scene. The creators didn’t want the same backlash.

  19. Adelaide is a classic beauty whereas Nina is more bombshell (Adelaide is often being categorised as a classic in the Kibbe subreddit). In their prime Nina had more sex appeal, but Adelaide has aged much better than Nina.

  20. Have you tried microneedling? I had something comparable to cellulite on my stomach, basically fat lines from slouching. They were mostly removed/lessened by fractional RF which according to my clinic is also used for cellulite. Best xx

  21. Brunette is objectively better and here’s why: Soft contrast brings out softer features, which for Natalie means blonde accentuates her round and pig-ish nose. But high contrast brings out sharper features, so with brown hair the eye focuses more on her jaw and eyes. (Pic 4 & 5).

  22. Auburn or ginger because it compliments her green eyes. Red and green are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel.

  23. There is NO WAY she’s a 2. Yes, her nose is bigger than the rest of her features, but she has a beautiful eye area, great skin and proportionate facial thirds. 5 is an appropriate rating.

  24. 9-10. She always struck me as a more beautiful version of Gigi Hadid.

  25. Elizabeth, though I find Victoria’s personality more charming. Victoria’s ears are too prominent imo and her lip area feels a bit wide compared to her other delicate facial features.

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