1. A lot, I guess. In a lot of upscale dining, the chef has done some craft in balance and seasoning and it's an etiquette thing to taste first in different contexts unrelated before putting salt and pepper (or seasonings).

  2. I think it's a pc term for a fish, or the first videotape that was better than VHS.

  3. I'm thankful that my vellus hair isn't really discernable nor causes foundation issues in my genetics and stuff.

  4. It doesn't come out that way. It's more 'you're the hottest girl around here' (or some variant). That could not possibly be true everywhere I am, and people who say that stuff say that to anybody and everybody or anything (human, animal or inflatable person). My reaction is I'm annoyed that I'm being bothered as well as 'k' in the pure douche bs.

  5. That's easy: it's the purpose that you, as an individual, give to it.

  6. None. Some super trendy lesbian bars have card readings and stuff. But clubs are too loud and too busy for that kinda thing.

  7. One horse (standardbred) and a sulky cart. No bumper stickers, just pink LED underglow lights on the cart.

  8. Nope, that would ultimately cost me money and also create a perception or association that isn't factual but the inertia of things in what you're talking about and the profile of such would be the reality going forward.

  9. Kikaida (from the 70s) had like drunken lounge music in Japanese and English.

  10. Where is that happening? Like a couple of states (maybe) are like 'yeah, ten years out, you can't buy new vehicles that are internal combustion'. Wait until that comes around and voters decide what's up with that. For now, it's political points.

  11. They look like some 70s funk retro commando squad dreamed up by Quentin Tarantino. That's the extent of my knowledge of the Royal Guard.

  12. It also doesn't care about infinity nor does it have the ability to ponder that as it's just the universe. What you care about is important.

  13. I, actually, escaped kindergarten (after school -just walked off). My mom was late, and I got it in my head that I had to look for her. Why I thought this? I don't know. But I, of course, got lost and I was a wreck.

  14. The fuck? Why don't you ensure that your child is educated (and well-rounded in stuff) such that they can come to their own conclusions about what they'd like to do with their life? Beyond that, your question is like asking how to train a kid in chia pet stuff in the base themes and sprouts for a rewarding career.

  15. That annoys me and has the opposite effect. There are skews in its usage by different people, however. I'm pretty calm and logical and yet if I disagree with some people? I'm hysterical. That doesn't happen with everybody and this is an elephant in the room kinda thing and I just don't feel like going down that road rn.

  16. Those two things are where and what different things come into play as challenges or complaints. I'm a person who happens to be my gender (and don't have issues with my gender). That's, I think, an ideal vs. some lament or dislike about things. What are you trying to get at in this question?

  17. I dislike many behaviors, interests, and personality traits associated with my gender, and I wonder in what ways other people do too

  18. Gender-wise (and I'm not excluding anybody or invalidating anything in spectrum aspects, but just to keep this relatively simple for discussion's sake) in both sexes your question could fall into societal treatment because there are socialization aspects and stereotypes.

  19. Being overly confident is often self-correcting. That's different from baseline confidence.

  20. Switch winery offerings, because seeing a tank with legs running down the street is some bad shit.

  21. This question would be more relevant at the start of technology changing way back in things, yet you're asking this out of a time machine of the 80s and 90s or something. Do you think that it's high beams and not just normal lights that are bright? If you live in the u.s. you have no excuse or plausibility with supposed ignorance.

  22. There are some super pretty burb places outside the city in both NY and NJ and in the city there are some select neat places as well. People seem nice, and I don't mind NY (or NJ) when I've been.

  23. NJ here - thanks for the shout-out :) you're always welcome here!!!

  24. That's the start of coffee throughout the day as a continuing thing into the evening. So, this is a clever trick question of some type.

  25. I guess I'd have to report it. Because there's potential conspiracy and fraud between this father and daughter and as a bystander, it could actually fall into stuff where I could be charged for failing to report something. Seems like there's a lot of extraneous detail in your question though.

  26. I'd visualize putting it in a bin for donation to a thrift store and knowing that in reality, it's going to sit there for like eight months like a salad spinner or bread maker or other gadgets because I can't make my mind up but when I finally do it, I'll be sad and buy another one at two or three times the original cost and never use it.

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