AITA for calling my husband an awful father because he wanted to leave the house to his bio daughter only?

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  1. agreed. not enough market yet.. maybe things will trend smaller and more energy efficient again at some point.

  2. I don't think that will happen anytime soon. I would say for most people.. It's easier using an mATX case and standard off the shelf parts. SFF you still need to know what you're doing.. Let alone this insanity! Great build though!!

  3. This is why I'm looking at Protect because the Ring doorbell was so bad for load times, that I'd never consider their cameras.

  4. It's worth it. The only thing I miss is special notifications for faces. I haven't exhausted the settings, so I may have not found the setting to enable notifications for that yet

  5. Made the jump, been good. No notification for faces that I can find. Smart detections on the G4 line of cameras are decent though, reduces the amount of moving trees that trigger on my G3 Flex

  6. YTA. At 5.59pm you should've sent "I'm still sick, won't be able to make it tomorrow and maybe the following day".

  7. NTA. The people whose house it is don't know about it.. That's their problem.

  8. Initial impressions - a tricky build, fitting the GPU was a pain. Also some trial and error on where the best place to put things was. For example, I had to relocate the SSD as it interfered with the PCIe riser cable.

  9. Could you elaborate on the issue with the pcie riser & SSD? I have two SSDs to fit if I get the case. So curious what the issue was?

  10. …no. He chose to be this kids dad. He is basically her adoptive father without the paperwork, which is expensive. He is the ONLY father this girl has ever known. If the wording had been that her adoptive father has decided to leave the house to the one that’s biologically his everyone would have a different opinion. My stepdad chose to be my dad. We couldn’t afford the paperwork for legal adoption but he NEVER made the distinction of me not being his biologically so my other siblings get more. He told me “I chose to have you as my daughter. We may not have the same blood but you are just as much mine as they are.”

  11. Did you see the comment that he wanted to adopt the daughter but she refused to allow him? If she doesn't view him as a father, why should she get part of his family home?

  12. Real tight, if you are going to add any sort of hard drive, even the 2.5", you should get the part found here to go with the case. It will expand the chassis. I've never tried it so I don't know how that module would work but already you can barely fit the power connectors through the middle and it really does take up most of the space.

  13. Thanks for confirming :) It's been very hard to see any examples of the space between the panels!

  14. The ATX PSU looks pretty good there! I thought you'd cut the width of the 'case' at first.

  15. Me too.. but either way.. someone will read it and thinks it's an appropriate thing to think.

  16. NTA. You're setting your daughter up to understand that there are boundaries she has control of. As long as she did actually decline politely, then she hasn't done anything wrong and nor have you.

  17. I mean NTA but if you’re at the “buy a safe because I can’t trust him to not use my stuff” stage, just break up

  18. NTA. And this. In your own home, a safe to protect from your bf is not good. Move on, you'll be better forit.

  19. Ask them if they plan to pay for 25% of your deductible in the event of a wreck. It's only fair.

  20. Oh. Take it further. Measure our the distance for summer trips already and then pro rata (apportion) your insurances/services/registration./fuel all together.

  21. NTA. Offer to take the ring back... Sell it and then split up. That attitude is absurd and is a huge red flag and something best avoided.

  22. YTA. I can't see anywhere that your wife agreed to it. And she was focused on a work project, it's not like she was watching TV.

  23. NTA. If your step kids will be supported sufficiently if you pass, then I don't see the need for you to support them.

  24. NTA for sure. It's a celebration for Celeste. When his daughter achieves something, celebrate her then.

  25. NTA. Some people have this weird obsession with birthday's bring absolutely perfect. You know what? Life isn't. Your kids should be. And why would your 34th birthday be that important?

  26. NTA. Chickenpox as an adult is worse that as a kid - either getting chickenpox or shingles.

  27. NTA. He caused the problem, he's responsible for it. That he spent 10x on a 3 year old, compared to his teenage daughter is maddening.

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