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  1. The biggest thing im still trying to learn is the profession system. I honestly should have done it before the expac launched cause from trial and error, i must have lost about 60% of the gold i had at launch.

  2. how does it bug out, may I ask, because I havent played Live in months, maybe even a year

  3. Yeah I haven’t played live in multiple years, only SPT and emutarkov and never needed to sign into live ever

  4. I’m on 3.5.1 and modding on 3.5.2, on .1 it ran decent with 3070 12700k 32gb and ai limit mod. Ai limit mod is helps with fps across the board

  5. I've used and tested with both BSP and SWAG extensively, it really depends on what kind of experience you're looking for.

  6. Do they have map specific settings? Or do you manually swap the mods out with each map? I find woods so boring but with BSP, customs and interchange and factory are decent

  7. Oh cool, is it with the same gear and everything?

  8. Yeah I think if it is you win 10 raids ina row it can spawn a legendary pmc that is your clone

  9. Any reason you don’t use lua spawn rework of swag? Just learning about ai mods myself and what I should use.

  10. I installed the no esp mods, now they feel better

  11. What do you do in woods? I find it to be mostly walking and really boring to the point I might just skip those quests. I have most fun rn in factory, customs interchange reserve and streets

  12. For anyone interested in a more hardcore experience - checkout the "Softcore" mod (not quite softcore), it's quite good!

  13. It’s definitely soft core in my opinion. Barter flee market and bigger default secure container helps a lot, but it does make the economy a lot more fun

  14. You need to position differently then. If you have pmcs and/or bosses in your raid they can, and often will, go to the fortress which has mounted machine guns and a grenade launcher. There are multiple directions and sight lines you can approach from safely. You can visually clear the entire second floor of the building from other places with our being seen/vulnerable to the mounted weapons. Is it annoying? Certainly. Is it a problem? More skill/time issue honestly.

  15. Where are the good vantage spots? I usually only play that area at the gas station train tracks and crack house

  16. Audio in 3.5.0 is fucked, bsg is working on it

  17. I personally haven’t noticed too many major issues tho. At least on customs, interchange and factory which I mostly only play.

  18. What about youtube? You should be able to find videos on whatever specific topic you need to understand better.

  19. I second this. In some cases I was able to find lectures of the same content given by another professor and it make the content more digestible.

  20. These are so cool, like entirely new perspectives on scenes in the films

  21. Here is what I did and personally I recommend, I was a previous EFT player who wanted something singleplayer and had heard about Anomaly and just wanted to get into it. I tried it many times but couldn't get into it.

  22. I personally dont find it nearly as fun as stalker though, the gameplay just isn't intended to be singleplayer. It's definitely worth trying though if anyone hasn't. I hope BSG will eventually make their singleplayer game they've wanted to make using the assets they've built up though making EFT

  23. There’s a lot of games that open to you on PC because of a mouse and keyboard if you ever can play in a desktop environment, or can make it work with steam input and the trackpads I’d recommend games like Hearts of Iron, Stellaris because you like AOE and CIV, or perhaps something like rim world or factorio.

  24. Any of the Lego games are good, we’ve played lotr and Harry Potter and it’s capped at 60 fps, better natively than on her 360 she had. If you have a PC, you can stream it through moonlight to the steam deck and play more demanding games. We did it takes two maxed out at 60fps that way at her apartment.

  25. Yeah, it depends on what you're cool with. Mine wouldn't stay close to 30fps consistently at all, even with all shaders loaded. After a couple hours, I found the whole experience to just not be enjoyable personally. But I know low framerates won't bother some folks.

  26. Did you find a way to uncap it on your pc or are you playing locked 30 fps on it?

  27. There’s old school RuneScape. It’s definitely non-standard, I like that some activities I can play while working or studying. On mobile or on another monitor. Not for everyone tho and quite time consuming but there’s really no rush. I practically play the game single player but the progression feels great.

  28. I actually just recently restarted playing because of the influx of third person combat mods. Haven’t really done a good playhtrough in years. Having fun so far but lots of mod compatibility stuff I still have to figure out

  29. Yeah until recently I couldn't tell the difference, until I started doing a "No Smithing/Enchanting - Main Mission Only" run. I think I'd naturally made it about half way through the campaign over the years.

  30. Why no smithing or enchanting?

  31. This is the aftershot of the grind. Before the dude was successful, didn’t smoke, cleaned up his shit like a real human. Now look at him…

  32. Slayer is probably one of my favorite skills

  33. AFKing at work is the reason I'll be maxed by the end of the year. Here's my suggestions

  34. Why amethyst over mlm? Is it more afk? I don’t have the requirements yet

  35. Was this just taken last night? I swear I saw something close to the moon that I've never seen before whole driving home

  36. Mars is also at its maximum brightness right now because it’s in opposition to the sun

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