1. Well done, I know what you mean about HD I'm a week sober and this past day is like some turned up the volume on all my senses.

  2. Way to go!! Tomorrow will be three weeks without a drink for me . I’m excited for what’s to come.

  3. Woohoo look at us go! Whenever I’ve been having cravings I just think , if it feels like this after only 3 weeks, it must get so much better

  4. I’ve been wanting one of these! Can I buy it from you or catalogue? Thanks

  5. This should be marked as a spoiler in case anyone hasn’t achieved this before

  6. I’m doing it for myself. I’ve realized over a lot of self reflection, and some quit lit that avoidance via drinking is the worst way to resolve stress and anxiety. I want to experience life fully- the good and the bad.

  7. This resonates with me. I always tell myself that I’m raw-dogging life this way, experiencing everything whether it hurts or not. It’s the most badass thing a human can do

  8. I love when I see other people use “douche canoe”. It’s gives me great joy

  9. Trust me, most of us don’t wanna put them there. Don’t need Instagram Irene turning a 20 minute NS bolus into an hour because she can’t keep her phone arm straight.

  10. Or Snapchat! We have a very frequent flyer who immediately gets on Snapchat when she gets settled onto the bed.

  11. I fuckin hate that. Like if you’re well enough to be on social media you should probably reconsider taking up a bed in ER

  12. Honestly I don't know, I've never had the heart to sic Isabelle on any of them. Lol.

  13. Me neither 😂 I even feel guilty for telling them they should move away, or refusing when they ask to come over

  14. Excuse me Professor Cat. I paid 15 fishes. I expect a lesson right meow!

  15. I forgot about this Aristocats completely until your post!! Such an awesome movie


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