1. Jokes on you, I'm a "wildland firefighter" forced to respond to urban calls everyday; so hopefully not too bad!

  2. After we get on scene, because the ba is an external locker lol

  3. Posts like these make me so fucking happy that Australia has universal healthcare... jeez

  4. I guess we're lucky, if we want to practise drafting we just hop on down to the nearest VEMTC

  5. Envious. Went to Ballan recently and it was awesome. Hopefully means I don't have to drive 3 hours to Penshurst anymore😅

  6. Don't get too jealous, being so close has its trade-offs in other ways

  7. Not to mention she is dressed like a student and not a teacher.

  8. Is it common for students not to wear uniforms in America?

  9. The answers here baffle me - you get paged, you roll.

  10. This, and if we're not out the door in 6 minutes, we get replaced lol

  11. Initially read the title as Australia and was very confused lol. I should stop reading Reddit at 2 a.m. in the morning.

  12. No kangaroos in Austria. ;)

  13. Literally every comment has mentioned having the bed rails up; I'm curious if it's different in America, because over here in Aus putting the rails up is considered restrictive in most circumstances

  14. Sorry you lost your work, but this might be the kick you need to look in the version control. GitHub may be a bit overkill, but it's free.

  15. Sort of, but that's not the purpose of version control. The idea is to backup your work externally so it doesn't matter what happens on your computer, you still have the files elsewhere

  16. As an Aussie who works as a firefighter in the states, what is the purpose of a BACO?

  17. Main tasks: Manage BA board, tally tags, monitoring time to whistle, talk with IC

  18. At every job ive been too that's needed BA, the BACO is someone else, not just the pumpy. The BACO is not just another role, it is the BA guys lifeline, usually stuck next to the IC.

  19. We are an urban brigade, BA is worn at practically every job; unless it's something going, the BACO isn't a different guy, for us

  20. Australian students: you have failed your high school certificate, pending your IB diploma

  21. As nice as that would have been, the alternative to piss of the group I suspect would have been something like "Oh you were trespassing and might have stolen something", which would have felt just as weak

  22. Very similar in Australia, wouldn't be surprised if we stole the idea of you guys.

  23. Seeing images of stolen stuff over the last few days has been insane, couldn't have gotten away with half of that where I went.

  24. Are EpiPens actually only by prescription in the states? Here in Aus I can go down to my local pharmacy and pick one up assuming I wanted to drop $100 for it; technically it's a Schedule 3 drug which means you're meant to have advice from a pharmacist before you buy it, but if they asked at all, all you would need to say is "I want it for my first aid kit" and they'd sign-off.

  25. It’s definitely annoying but he’s just a kid so those rash decisions are what make him real. If he always acted perfect in every intense situation that would be extremely unrealistic

  26. ^ this, children are just as, if not more, prone to making stupid as decisions as adults lol

  27. That was kinda cool, but Lee also did it he was gonna already die so he did it to protect Clem and didn't care what happened to him. Minerva just wanted revenge because Clementine protected Tenn.

  28. You actually raise an interesting contrast between the end of the First and the end of the Final seasons.

  29. start by doing past papers for each subject and once you're done, check everything you've gotten wrong and go by there. you can make a short/concise list of all the things you're unsure about/incorrect and study from there.

  30. This. I still use the first method mentioned to this day, it's incredibly useful, since you get the benefit of testing yourself, and then knowing exactly what you need to study up on.

  31. I don't want to weigh in on it since I don't feel it's my place, but I will say that I carry this with me every single shift, and it's reassuring to know that if I'm ever unsure, I can fall back on it and quickly check, to make sure I'm being safe, and I'm keeping my patient safe. Item number 1 is...

  32. I saw a PCT charted their credentials in a progress note tonight. Sorry, what? Probably the driver of this car.

  33. I don't know what a PCT is (Aussie here), but it's a requirement here that we sign our name and designation on all clinical documentation.

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