1. hey its me gok hey hey its me goku

  2. "Legit looking moms" eh? Now you've peaked my interest

  3. you would not believe how many pokemon in competitive matches are hacked

  4. Yeah, but if you hack in a Pokémon with perfect ivs and maxed Evs it doesn’t actually give you any competitive advantage. You can’t hack in a Pokémon with stats that are not within the scope of what is possible if you did it legitimately so the bits of code that is a “legit” Pokémon and an “illegit” Pokémon is indistinguishable. For every purpose except maybe shininess they are the same. It just takes out the grind and the illusion of rarity in a game that can generate bits of code that is a shiny Pokémon at any time with no actual scarcity besides time.

  5. That’s what I’m saying, most competitive players don’t actually build their own pokemon, they use stuff like that. However, the pokemon company doesn’t care and there are too many “hacked” pokemon to deal with either way, so they let it slide

  6. It would be cool if we got a land salamence and a ufo metagross but I think metagross was confirmed not to be in sv

  7. I have assumed that Wiglett is a regional evolution of Diglett. Have I missed some info that rules that out?

  8. Nope its not diglett, it’s a completely separate pokemon that just looks similar to each other. Like how dolphins and sharks have similar body shapes but one is a mammal but the other is a fish

  9. yeah the video was “recorded” in australia

  10. Dragapult I really like the smaller sleeker design that it has compared to most of the other pseudos. Second is goodra because it looks docile and friendly compared to the others

  11. star trim probably my favorite

  12. Since the Special Research has Field Notes in it that would mean Rhi is here for the Litwick Community Day.

  13. i think they’re gonna rotate doing research for community days

  14. I just checked all the good Froakie I’m saving for Community Day. All are male but one. 😁

  15. Yep all starters have a gender ratio of 7 males to 1 female

  16. NY exclusive? I get them all the time here in Virginia.

  17. Probably more north eastern usa

  18. I believe the "speed limit" is 35km. anything over that and it won't count as walking.

  19. probably adventure sync. i think pogo uses fitness apps and sees how many steps you do and converts it to pogo. there’s probably a thing for biking in whatever fitness app this guy’s using so it uses that as

  20. Is Mega Aggron going to be good or worth in Raiding?

  21. mega aggron isnt gonna be goon in raids its literally worse than a meteor mash metagross

  22. I more shocked more people didn't know of its size. did people gloss over ultra sun and moon?

  23. I think its because Pokemon Go is either their first pokemon game or their first pokemon game in a while

  24. I swear his height was comparable to the trainers in gen 7

  25. you should see the ultra beast size comparisons, everything is relatively visible but kartana is practically a dot in the sky

  26. So these Ultra Beasts have seasonal preferences or something? Or are they splitting up to go sightseeing?

  27. I think it’s because kartana and celesteela were version exclusive in the games but they’re really stretching it this time

  28. the arms look like bamboo, and the body looks like a bamboo shoot

  29. If Guzzlord doesn’t have its anime cry I’ll be very disappointed.

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