1. As you all know, two pizzas worth of bitcoin turned into hundreds pizza places nowadays and we can safely say that bitcoin mining tools are on par with heavy industry machinery in their worth, so which mining pools were & still are the biggest ?

  2. I could not find chronology of the subreddits growth, no one will share?

  3. Despite the recent Chinese anti-monopoly rules (in tech giant sector) and the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act in the US

  4. Do you prefer your favorite team to play day by day in a row or intermittently?

  5. How else can a goal be scored without assist, except after a saved shot or the opponent's giveaway?

  6. Has anyone visited one of these games? Was it all about the referee or the teams?

  7. Not sure if English is your first language, but I'm having a real rough time understanding you.

  8. Please ask your history or stats questions about Three Stars)

  9. Yeah that's kinda what I thought, except they only played eachother 3 times (4 were scheduled against the Leafs but COVID). And why does Dallas/Tampa total to 8? Including the playoffs I guess?

  10. Reading this thinking I’m having a stroke, what is this post even saying

  11. Showing you this list or similar, I am trying to pay attention to exceptional cases, from a statistic point of view.

  12. I don’t understand the brad hunt one? He only hit forwards only?

  13. Is this a reference to that time some guy hitted Tyler Seguin's car?

  14. what are we looking at? jay beagle played 55 games in the 2019-2020 regular season

  15. Also what kind of stats do you want to see, any advices please.

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