1. Oh wow. I didn’t know that existed. Omw there now 🥺❤️

  2. The source is most likely an Eckert & Zeigler X8 (6mm x 8mm) Cs137 source. The Cs137 is bonded in a ceramic pellet so as to make it non-dispersible, the ceramic pellet is then double encapsulated and tig welded shut.

  3. I don't understand how it measures the density of slurry, can you explain the process please?

  4. A radioactive source is on one side of a pipe and a detector is on the other, when the pipe is filled with wate the density sensor is calibrated for a density of 1. Anything heavier in the pipe will cause the radiation reaching the sensor to be less than when the water. Because the slurry is heavy and attenuates (reduces) the radiation received at the detector the sensor can report on the % of solids in the slurry.

  5. totally not at clickbait headline to push some American politics..

  6. Its really interesting seeing drivers faces with the open helmets in rally. Kalle always looks like he's having a blast when he's driving, Elfyn Evans on the other hand looks terrified half to death the whole time lol (not that he is of course).

  7. I think it's OP's own car and they're using it to keep the gear knob cool

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