1. Some people need to move now. They've already committed to a new job / new school. They've already sold their old place and they are tired of living in an apartment that isn't really saving them any money.

  2. The French ruled Quebec for a time. Quebec has French as an official language.

  3. Remember when all this started. I'm going to give you a date to make some notes for on your paper calendar.

  4. Words like "extremist" and "moderate" are comparative. We only get to compare our views to the people we're frequently exposed to.

  5. Well, when it did happen it took us about 4 years to work through it, finally she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She really didn't know why she wasn't comfortable or in the mood.

  6. Sometimes they can't be sold for that price. Like any other deal or coupon, the vendor might be willing to take a one-time loss to get a customer in the store. They may buy other stuff while they are there, and they may come back. Some prescriptions on Good RX are losses for the pharmacy.

  7. Have you actually given the notes to someone at the school yet?

  8. Some bottles are "twist-off" and they should be marked that way.

  9. That's very interesting. Do tax payers have a say on what the money goes to? Or is that just a general statement?

  10. Yes. We elect our county committee (at least in my state.. I'm not 100% sure in other states). We elect our tax assessors. When the tax budgets are being drafted, we get to sit in on the meetings.

  11. Bro, that's fucked. That's another question I wanted to ask. Why do fire-fighters go to paramedic calls?

  12. There's over 100,000 school buildings in the US. We can't outfit them all at once. It's also pretty expensive. Odds are pretty low against any one school being attacked.

  13. Why bother? There's already free over the air broadcasts of TV channels in the geographic area. Most TVs come with a digital TV tuner, so the most anyone may need is an antenna to help get the signal.

  14. Agencies over hired, and didn't reduce staff as they should have during COVID lockdowns.

  15. Logistics makes things go by the way that costs least money, not always what seems like the shortest route.

  16. I married the last girl that I had sex with on the first date. No disrespect because of sex. We both were just feeling that, so we did it. We both continued to be honest and follow our feelings. That worked for a few decades.

  17. The actual work may take between 25 minutes and 4 hours, depending on what needs to be done.

  18. Some cancers are easy, like melanomas. Some are very difficult, like some chordomas or pancreatic cancers.

  19. Very interesting thank you for explaining. If you end up finding out you have a form of cancer, are you able to get other types of cancers at the same time? Is it easier to detect other cancers if they’re treating one already? I feel like I’m asking very loaded questions, so any guidance in where to look would be cool!

  20. Well, our bodies are usually pretty good at dealing with cancers. The odds are against getting one.

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