AOC Tells Boebert, ‘You Don’t Get to Thoughts and Prayers Your Way Out of’ LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting | "You have played a major role in elevating anti-LGBT+ hate rhetoric and anti-trans lies while... blocking even the most common sense gun safety laws," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted

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  1. Cool. I’ll start making rules for trans people too. Do you guys ever wonder why the number of allies is dropping daily?

  2. Well that’s disgusting. I like to think that most cis people (regardless of what they spew online) would be more understanding and wanting to learn.

  3. there’s a huge difference between what we like to think and what is true

  4. Honestly my answer to that was to drink, which isn't ideal. What I would recommend is making sure to take time for yourself, maintain boundaries, and keep visits short if you need to. I would only fly home for a few days at a time since being closeted in someone else's space felt suffocating. Have an exit strategy prepared so you can be alone and decompress if you need to

  5. I’m happy to see them finish each other off.

  6. Yeah I mean I think almost all human behavior exists on a spectrum. I think quantizing it can be problematic but I think conceptualizing a spectrum between cis and trans helps to explain a lot of gender variance without pathologizing it

  7. As a female I’m saying it’s not. I know nothing other than womanhood I was born with it. Some who is not can’t tell some who by default experience womanhood what womanhood is and is not.

  8. how dare someone question the Legitimate and Infallible perspective of a Cisgender Woman

  9. I feel this, I lifted for like a decade, then stopped when I started transitioning. It took me a while to get over the internalized misogyny and start lifting again, and it's made me much happier. The whole "of COURSE I've always been trans, I sucked at sportsball" shit has always been annoying to me lol

  10. This is really interesting! And yeah it's annoying that people try to put labels on others like that. Human attraction is way more complex than we give it credit for, and it doesn't make sense to me to approach sexuality as composed of a set of rigid, scientifically defined categories. Every label carries with it a context. And if that doesn't apply, it makes sense not to use the label even if you could consider it technically accurate

  11. The fact that this has opened up any kind of intracommunity discourse makes me deeply cynical. Even just seeing queer people using they/them pronouns to describe him is sickening. A literal terrorist came out as nonbinary after the fact to shift the blame for the attack onto his victims, and people are entertaining his 'identity' as if it warrants legitimate discussion. Horrifying

  12. can't wait until this covid thing is over with in a few weeks! looking forward to seeing him live this summer

  13. /uj I get you, but it's a slippery slope. Next time one that really, really, no doubt about it, is one of us does something bad, they'll use our response today to misgender.

  14. yes setting a precedent of "establish your identity before murdering a bunch of queer and trans people" is going to set us back, i should think before i harm the community with such sentiment

  15. What is the criteria to gatekeep though? How do you ensure actual NB people don't incidentally get gatekept? LGBT people can commit crimes, even haneous ones too

  16. it's not even gatekeeping lmao, it's applying extremely basic critical thinking

  17. Let's not gatekeep people and start deciding who is and isn't non-binary. Maybe they have a lot of self hate that drove them to do that, not an excuse just a possible explanation

  18. https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2022/11/23/2137984/-The-Q-Club-mass-shooter-is-trolling-he-s-a-homophobic-man-according-to-those-who-know-him?_=2022-11-23T00:34:30.000-08:00

  19. I just don't care at all about the concept of validity anymore, lol. Can a dude go on feminizing HRT and still say he's a dude? Sure, who cares?

  20. I think we have to be careful of assuming this. Of course we all think it’s bullshit but where do you draw the line? There are already a lot of folks who think being non-binary is some sort of attempt to make oneself more cool or unique.

  21. People are seriously they/theming this dude here? He ‘identified’ as non-binary after shooting us up. Fuck him. That this shit is starting intracommunity discourse here is outrageous.

  22. Fuck that, the fact trans people are entertaining this is beyond absurd

  23. The fact that this is opening up some kind of intracommunity dialogue makes me so fucking cynical. Stop playing into this nonsense lmfao, he’s trying to beat the hate crime charges

  24. Definitely true. This reminds me of the story Ram Dass told about giving a mega dose (think 10+ tabs) of LSD to a guru, and he wasn't even phased by the psychedelic. It says a lot about the power of meditation, and self mastery imo.

  25. Wow, I hadn’t even considered that Elon Musk is basically bringing servitude back to America, but of course people on visas can’t give up their jobs; sort of like being Qatar and holding their passport, he’s abusing their visa status to force them to work crazy unhealthy hours

  26. Part of why I accept “it/itself” pronouns is that I’m an anti-specist. If it’s good enough for non human animals, it’s good enough for us too. I don’t consider my life to be worth more than any other animal, so I think the same langage should be used on me. I encourage people to use she/he or they/them when they don’t know the sex of the animal, but until the day non-human animals are not being objectified anymore, I’ll continue to use those pronouns as a form of solidarity

  27. Interesting—I use he she or they to refer to animals, even bugs most of the time

  28. Even those you eat? Do you eat “beef” or “cow flesh”? Do you eat “chicken” or “a chicken”?Animals used for consomption are usually objectified this way, by using euphemisms, the most common being “meat” instead of “flesh” or “muscle parts”. It’s everywhere in the langage and it’s a very powerful way to keep them below humans

  29. Loneliness for me. On the more platonic side, I spend a lot of my free time out in coffee shops reading or doing work just so I'm out and visible to other people. Even super brief interactions really brighten my day. On the sexual/romantic side, I spend a ton of time on dating apps trying to meet people. It's pretty slow overall, but now and then there's a little spark that keeps me optimistic. I'd love to have trans friends but it's just really difficult to meet people, and I don't feel I share interests with most trans people I do meet.

  30. Are there stats on this? Or are FTMTFs just the favorite for fear-mongering because the changes seem more 'horrifying and gross on helpless little girls'?

  31. I don’t want to be reminded of my AGAB, though. Why can’t I just be non-binary?

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