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  1. What's wrong with the email? In today's age, unfortunately you're going to see lockdowns when they were simply misunderstandings and not necessary. Better to play safe than sorry. In such situations, you don't want to give out all of the information of said misunderstanding, they are minors. Of course when your kids safety is on the line, I can understand the frustration, but they have to find a balance between public perception of safety and student confidentiality.

  2. Pretty sure most people against over-regulation aren't arguing that there shouldn't be building codes.

  3. If it allows someone to use cheaper materials to increase profit, you bet your ass there are people in favor to strip building code regulations

  4. The "tell me about yourself" is a check for what people are willing to volunteer about themselves that leads them to giving information hiring managers can't ask about.

  5. I ask because it starts the interview on a more personable level. If I've sifted over a hundred resumes with the standard technical abilities and experience, it allows us to get a glimpse of the person behind the paper. Also if we can have a few minutes of casual discussion, it allows the interviewee to settle their nerves to allow a more natural conversation for the interview. Many simply repeat a summary of their resume, but some like to explain their passions and hobbies outside of work as well. It's a better ice breaker than simply diving into grilling questions in my opinion

  6. Had a step cousin in southern Kansas get married at 16 to a guy in his 20s, and of course, they were seeing each other for at least a year or two before that. The relationship had the full support of her parents, but they still took the time to vent on Facebook about how all the pedophile democrat politicians and policies were corrupting America.... The irony is thicker than molasses. Southern evangelism can be weird.

  7. Right, I check 4 of the 5 main boxes with different guns of mine. The only one that isn't is the political category (I lean left anyways). I don't think being on the right side of politics is a driving reason to purchase a firearm, it's usually to fulfill one of the other categories. The political impact is usually the result of being able to fulfill the other categories.

  8. This. I grew up in a rural county but I had a classmate die in a car crash because he was trying to get home from the school after they cancelled. The car he was in was hit when someone else was unable to stop at an intersection at the bottom of a hill.

  9. I grew up in rural Nebraska. I remember when I was in high school, they ignored snow storm warnings and required us to go in. After being in school for only about an hour, they realized their fuck up and told us to go home. It was too late, the blizzard was just starting and there was almost immediately over 6" of snow and up over a few feet in drifts going across the road in white out conditions. We got stuck on out rural road and had to walk to a house a half mile down the road. Others had similar stories, so the school admin took a lot of heat for that ordeal

  10. Cue the mouthbreathers who actually think the shape of the cut of pizze affects the taste.

  11. People who prefer pie cut are mouthbreathers? Haven't heard that one before

  12. I like to order out there from time to time. Very generous portion size for the cost. Usually can carry me over two meals

  13. While he kept his head up on the first two, you can see he purposely threw his head back into the powder plate on the last one. 100% fake

  14. Can you use the joystick to steer too? That would be sick.

  15. Controller isn't wirelessly connected to the car, he just attached it to the steering column to replace the wheel. Yeah he turned the controller on, but that's just the batteries kicking in. You can see him still flipping the combi stocks to turn on the turn signal.

  16. We don’t have to debate, since it’s really no argument that babies are actually people. Just remember, every abortion is done without the baby’s consent. You claim to be “pro-choice”, yet don’t care about what the baby would choose if it was given the option. Pretty hypocritical.

  17. No one is debating that a baby isn't a person dumbass. They are saying that a clump of transparent cells the size of an almond is not yet a baby.

  18. Who puts a camera there? I'm calling fake

  19. I have decent calluses on both toes on that area. Not uncommon for that area to have wear, especially if active

  20. Hilliard covers a lot of ground and it depends what area you're in. I'm near downtown old hilliard and in the last 5-6 years, they've gotten a number of new crafty restaurants and businesses. New ones are planned to go into business in the coming year or two, si it's becoming a much nicer place to live

  21. I think the show is ridiculous. A kids dad finds an entire dinosaur in his backyard after geting mad at a tractor and blowing it up.. Kids father kills a van full of people then discovers they are possibly kidnapping a young girl, not too long after killing a meth maker after his trailer exploded, while the kid is hiding in a drain that suddenly has a rattlesnake in it. Kids father returns said young girl to her parents who then proceeds to help him cover up the van killing. That's just the plot of one character over like a few episodes. I swear the first season they couldn't let people just talk without the craziest things happening or a fight breaking out. It's like they are afraid you might get bored. The second season finally let people just talk without all the theatrics but my wife gave up and said it was a soap opera.

  22. Wife has traumatic brain injury after splitting head open and laying on the floor for an extended time unconscious. Best course of action? He wraps it with gauze and takes her home, where she shortly passes out and is rushed to the hospital....

  23. Yup, I was thinking the same thing. A few friends were selling this show as one of the greatest ever and I was scratching my head after seeing the development you described play out. So much of it was so cringy

  24. A guy who made a lot of money off being an extreme misogynist and getting a ton of young men to follow him on social media.

  25. He was originally an elite kickboxer, which gave his voice a platform. I believe his social media fame is recent... i hadn't heard of him before this past year

  26. Yeah, and then they make you feel like a doofus if you don't know the answer.

  27. As a well off mechanical engineer, I get this a lot from my blue collar extended family. "Why did you pay for 4 years of college if you can't even do x,y,z??" Like I spent 4 years learning every trade in existence 🙄

  28. Lmao this is such a “welcome to Columbus” thing. I had the same thing happen and have heard this multiple times. First “friend” in Columbus was a Xenos person.

  29. Lol, I'd like to hear your story. I moved to Cbus over 10 years ago and thankfully didn't have this experience.

  30. I actually liked it. I thought it would be dumb af and I had fun. And I’m basically a big grumpy asshole.

  31. It's very worth it! Van Gogh was a borderline scam, otherworld is like going down Alice's rabbit hole and is an absolute masterpiece. I can tell the artists involved are very passionate about their art and the experience.

  32. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. We could have attended a Jackets game for the cost I spent sitting in that crowded room for 20 minutes. Felt very much like I was being scammed. Happy to hear Otherworld isn't like that, I look forward to going.

  33. I mean I still get the question… I understand it was supposed to be awkward, but like how would they benefit from that response? Does that actually generate more views?

  34. Some people find humor in getting confused and awkward responses

  35. Gotcha. Im guessing this is a running gag? It felt forced and weirdly timed tho

  36. No clue, never heard of these guys before (though I'm listening to their stuff now after hearing this). But due to your response, I'd say their attempt was well executed :)

  37. I make fun of NJ a lot, but my least fave state is definitely Ohio, except for Cincinnatti.

  38. Been in Ohio now for 10 years and I'm from Nebraska. Ohio is 100% better than Nebraska

  39. Nebraska has the best Zoo to visit in the nation, the fewest state Senaors, and the best fossil dig site in the nation.

  40. Once you've taken a few school trips to both, not much is left to do

  41. The kid broke records in the c-1 state title this year, which is 11 man. He's not a star in Texas or anything, but he's easily one of the best in Nebraska now.

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