1. If you’re going to do this through farming chests, make sure to change the difficulty to Challenge IV for more units per chest.

  2. Both? If that's your best piece now, why not use it in all the weekly missions. If it's not your best use it to upgrade. Or am I missing something?

  3. They may be save scumming so if they want a better piece, they’d lose this one in the meantime

  4. I assumed you want to complete a challenge, why else would you go to training at high power?

  5. I think OP might have meant clearing out the mission chain for everyone’s harm room?

  6. You can do the 3 hit combo but you have to aim your first shot at the enemy's elbow. Target the reticle so it is barely targeting the elbow (lower damage) and then fire the other two shots. I have done this many times. It helps if you switch your gear to lower precision stats as well.

  7. Yup, I’ve done this as well. You can also pause just slightly after your first shot so the health recovers. The timing is tight for it to count as a combo, but I just keep repeating it over and over and it doesn’t take long to get it to clear.

  8. if you did it on ps4, you got a free ps5 auto plat

  9. I usually am all for auto pops, but nah, I don’t go out of my way to play PS4 versions when I have access to the PS5.

  10. Oh the gameplay gets great! How many hours did avengers take you and what were the most tedious?

  11. Gotcha, hope so! I’ve heard some reviews saying the gameplay is quite average so I’d like to take your word for it.

  12. I feel like every game I’ve played lately has a photo mode. Some examples:

  13. The modern day storyline is very much wasted potential in the AC games. I enjoyed the concept back in the Ezio days but the conclusion in AC3 was disappointing. And now Layla is one of my least favorite “protagonists” ever, though granted I only played Odyssey. I was able to easily ignore that to enjoy Ancient Greece.

  14. Correct. I was told that one level of Harm challenge returns every so often, but I’ve yet to see it.

  15. Dang cause I was using that black widow mission to level up my thor

  16. Yup, I think many people were. The best place now would be either the Taskmaster or Abomination villain sectors on the Eastern Seaboard. Go up to the HVD, defeat it, then restart checkpoint once the next set of doors turns green.

  17. This means (I think) , if you bought and played Spider-man on ps5, and you decide to do the GOTY edition after, you'll have to restart the whole thing, since it's not the same edition.?

  18. While most of the time I would say you’re right, the Spider-Man ps4 copy was actually compatible to the remaster on ps5 to my surprise. However, you usually can’t convert a ps5 save file to a ps4 (not sure if this is what you meant though)

  19. Holy, waw.. thanks for learning me this! I'll be able to do the doc's now!

  20. Is Sony really doing this bad at marketing their service rhat people still don't understand how it works?

  21. They could put a reminder of how it works every time you load up your console and people would still come here to ask the same questions

  22. Definitely worth it, and that’s coming from me who only played 11 and didn’t really know the other characters yet. The platinum is long (still fun) if you’re an achievement Hunter, but if not it’s not bad at all. It’s a fun ride

  23. I was genuinely sitting here thinking “man I hope we see more of these two in future MCU projects”

  24. Was reminiscing on the current state of the MCU. I’m very excited about the future but I admittedly really miss RDJ haha

  25. Nice! I’m working on that now. Hero cards are on sale this week so I grabbed all the dlc ones for half off

  26. UK DLC is not compatible with US game. DLC region must match game region

  27. Seems like they caught it and fixed it

  28. so the chrome shield boxes in the vault dont count. ive wasted alot of time then. ive put over 100 hours in the game, and i havent seen a undergound part that isnt a vault, wish they were more specific. thanks for replying.

  29. I can’t say with 100% certainty but my experience has led me to believe the vault ones don’t count, unfortunately. By the way, you might be able to find caches in “Our Town” and “Stark Realities”. More info here:

  30. just want to say thank you, i did stark realities over and over and got the trophy

  31. I’m really glad it worked out! My pleasure

  32. Yup that’s what I hear, appreciate the reminder. Did you find you needed to do these trophies within a week to pop them?

  33. Haha 100 champion levels is a lot…well, I’m gonna just keep tracking my hive progress and see how long it ends up taking. The hives trophy is my last one before the plat

  34. Same here. Just preordered god of war, but this might be my last purchase of the year.

  35. Not really, I just like preordering on Amazon so it arrives at my place the day it goes on sale. Just a small convenience haha

  36. I think with extra you don't add the game to your library like Essential. So whatever is in your library its essential games

  37. Not true. You can claim games from Extra (and premium, if they’re on the game catalogue) to your library via the app as well. You might be thinking of games you stream

  38. It never hurts to claim games through the PS App, even if you own them in another version. You’re free to download them later if you feel so inclined, and as long as the game is the same edition and region, the save files should work. You may just need to delete the disc version before playing digital (game itself, not the save)

  39. I platinumed it too and started the Iki DLC.

  40. I’m glad you enjoyed it too! And yes, I upgraded to Premium and there’s so much value for me. I honestly don’t think I’ll be buying a new game, apart from some new releases I’ve been waiting for.

  41. my view exactly ! I haven't bought any game on sale since I upgraded to extra, I used to buy at least one or two games a month.

  42. My views exactly as well :) if I’m saving on purchases through the year, a new game’s full price doesn’t seem so bad. Also excited to see how things change and also the catalog grow. Marvel’s avengers addition this month turned out to be amazing for me. I never would have played if I had to pay, but now that I’m actually playing, I’m enjoying it enough that I feel like it would’ve been worth some money after all

  43. How long do they stay in your library on average, before playstation removes them from plus category

  44. You mean removed from the catalogue? The huge majority of games don’t get removed. You’ll just have to pay attention to when announcements are made about games leaving, which are few and far between but will likely be put on the blog, this subreddit, or the PlayStation store when viewing the game.

  45. Vault units not working, no units on vaults for (steam/PC)

  46. Might only be for daily vault missions unfortunately

  47. Glad I managed to grab a challenge card for half off right before the sale ended. Hoping we get another sale soon (almost brand new player here)

  48. When Hulk de-Hulkified in the quinjet on Sakaar. He’d been living in a years-long rage dream and the sight and sound of Nat broke through to his Banner heart. His face had so much hurt and Hulk fought to stay in control but the love of a friend won. I cry every time I watch it.

  49. I really appreciate this scene. Great description

  50. Yeah sure, and you're right that's where I will start focusing on just one or two. I've got everyone at 150 now and am still trying to do some of the last Objectives and Hero cards before I focus too hard on the Raid.

  51. Those are some incredible numbers! Thanks so much for the detail, first step for me will be everyone (or most people) to 150! And good to know you’re still working on hero cards, I feel very behind not having noticed the dailies and weeklies, but I guess I just have to go at my own pace.

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