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  1. I like how pedestrianised it is in the centre, and how close all shops are, bars and the food. I live in Dublin now and it just feels far too disjointed

  2. There’s a whole second phase of my housing estate not even listed in daft, or any other site advertising. To get on the list you’d need to have driven past the site, taken note of the email / contact / website and then register your interest to get on the mailing list…. You could say, it’s pretty daft! Especially for people looking to buy a 3-4 bed semi.

  3. Dude your post brings a tear to my eye. I really feel for you and hope you do pull through to the extent you can at least play another round.

  4. I like how they are saying that last Gary born in 1992 will only live for 58 years.

  5. Because they have to live with that name, majority will change by deed poll.

  6. In Grogans I had some drunk cunt bump into me and spill half my freshly poured pint. A swift “sorry mate” came back from some scraggy looking dude, he walked a few more steps past and then turned round to go back up the way he came. This fella looking back at me resembled a character from Antz, only turns out to be Cillian Murphy. He’d had a few and started singing at the top of his lungs in the bar. Was pretty funny, but I’m still half a pint down with wet shoes.

  7. A couple issues: 1. Don’t put your address on your bike, gives thief’s more info than they need. 2. What if you sell your bike? Etch out the old eircode and re-etch a new one?

  8. Gadgets and various electronic / entertainment devices. I’ve got a problem

  9. I’m currently going down a Sonos rabbit hole for home audio…. Got my eye on a turntable and Sonos five combo next. But I’m loving my montblanc mb01 headphones, got in Germany for half price.

  10. Have you tried Chadwicks or B&Q? Chadwicks is more of a builder merchant but sells to public, but B&Q is much better than woodies for actual DIY projects.

  11. Can we not just have glass collection like other countries? How are you reasonably expected to recycle glass if you don’t drive? I’ve not got a bank in walking distance, especially if carrying a wedge of empties

  12. Have you considered if you need to hold anything back for renovation costs, or is the house ready to go?

  13. Not sure why people are having an issue with this? This is ideal for somebody that needs to work in the city but doesn’t want to live in the city. It’s very popular in London. I live in Dublin but have to work in London during the week, my entire family is here and my wife works in Dublin so I can’t just uproot everybody and move nor would I want to. I need the place literally to sleep in Monday night through to Thursday. I have an office to go to so no need to be there after breakfast. All I needed was a bed. Costs for a “spare room” in London range from £500 through to £800pm.

  14. I mentioned about this when a similar post was previously put up and got downvoted loads. I’ve personally made use of a Monday-Friday let when moving to Dublin. I would fly from Cardiff Monday morning, go to the office, get back to the apartment on Monday evening, and on Friday go office straight to the airport. It was cheaper than a full 7 days let, and I was able to keep a suitcase of stuff there and do my washing etc. if it works for both, then I can’t see the issue. Sometimes you want the place to yourself and enjoy time with your partner without someone else hanging about.

  15. So the creche costs are more than what the wife makes before tax?

  16. Crèche I send my kid to is 1200 a month, we’ve got a second child on the way, so with a sibling discount we’ll be in for 2000 a month. However, I don’t want my wife to give up her job as she makes just about enough to cover those costs, but giving up will cost us more in the long run as her career stagnates to look after kids. Manage through this phase and as she progresses her own career it will pay off sooner rather than later…. Just one reason why couples “lose” money putting kids in crèche.

  17. Get yourself to Iceland and try some Hákarl. Or many of their other delicacies….

  18. Ew, ew. The Norwegians like hakarl too. Imagine how you’d feel if they try to kiss you after eating a big batch of it 🤣🥰

  19. Imagine how they’d feel if they go down on you… stinkiforeskinboi

  20. I think if you’re a university student, the UK will offer a far better experience and for less money.

  21. Not necessarily, a student could be from Dublin, live at home, perhaps avail of a susi grant and get an education or pay fees of €3k p.a. compared to £9k p.a. in the UK. In fairness Wales is lush though.

  22. Student loan in the Uk just feels like another tax, or do what my wife did and fuck off out the country and never pay a penny. So when you say course fees are X, the reality is it doesn’t seem like a loan as the repayment comes out of your PAYE. You can also apply for a “maintenance” loan along with course fees that goes towards paying your accommodation and helps with general living costs.

  23. RemindMe! 2 weeks “Review Atticman”

  24. Currently is going well! Stairs are in on day 5 of the work. Whole area just been boarded up, plenty of discussion with plumber, electricians and builder to make it to our spec… all going well so far!

  25. On my estate, the housing builder held back a number of units for his own rental portfolio. So this doesn’t surprise me

  26. Just dangle your flute out while you walk. No one's going to go near a fella with his flute dangling about.

  27. Out of bounds stakes anywhere from 100 yards in to the green

  28. Over at KPVD this plane has to survive open wing surgery in the weather! pretty cool to see all the little parts. They’ve got a whole team here piecing it back together and waiting on parts.

  29. Any idea what was wrong with it? My job is all about dealing with these engines

  30. Either LLP limit, failed boro, Ad due. Sometime airlines will pull engines with thousands of hours since EPR and install in a brand new aircraft just not to have two new engines just incase.

  31. Considering they’ve got an on wing team out, I’d hazard a guess it would be a failed BSI of sorts.

  32. Air rifles? That’s not even shooting!

  33. Behind a paywall, but I guess they shoot .22 calibre rifles here? I did a lot of shooting in my youth and it’s great challenge. Gets trickier beyond 300 yards but the 7.62mm round has one hell of a kick!

  34. Wouldn’t work well out in the wild, but for areas with lots of apartments on a pedestrianised square and the restaurants on ground level, maybe they’d operate well nipping between buildings… but can’t say there’s enough business for it to be cost effective. Beyond that, they’d get booted off the pavement or crash into a parked car that’s on the pavement, or just stolen and turned into a sex slave

  35. I'm not sure that "a building that used to be here" counts as a blue plaque, but what do I know, I'm just a guy sat on the toilet with a mobile phone.

  36. I’m on of those guys too. High five!

  37. I try not to high five other people while I'm on the toilet if I can help it

  38. You’re right, it’s generally a low five under the cubicle separator.

  39. I suppose you also open the fridge door in the summer to help get the room cooler?

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