1. God I haven't heard this word in a long time lol😜👍

  2. Haha I saw your foolery and just had to throw a fun one in

  3. I have been ok....busy, but pretty good. How have you been?

  4. I've also been ok lol Still a caregiver to my husband, been trying to buy a house for two years, still writing and making comics...had some hiccups in my mental health here and there lately but I'm doing my best to make a comeback. Relationships are a bitch lol

  5. Thanks my friend I absolutely will. Hope you get a little time to relax

  6. Whatever you do do not go to Raleigh endocrine. Doctor there took me off me meds even with a full ultrasound of my dead thyroid in his hands.

  7. Don't you dare talk to yourself in a bad way! Firstly, 40 is the new 20 and I believe it after seeing the way my 65 year old parents party. Secondly, you are a total babe and I don't think that's gonna change at any age. I hope the meeting went well and you had a blast!

  8. Despite how fucking weird that is that she was obsessed with your body, the premise itself is bullshit. I lost 60 lbs and increasing my weed consumption (which decreased my anxiety) helped significantly. I was suddenly not too self conscious to have fun during exercise and I didn't feel ashamed anymore when I was doing activities I loved. Nothing beats a good therapist but weed is up there for me in giving it a run for its money.

  9. Hi everyone! Had a girls' night with my best friend of 15 years. We are so lucky to live near each other right now. We have a weekly smoking date now where we go to an exercise class then go play pickleball. Then we head to a restaurant and drink a beer or two, then back to her place to smoke while we do our normal high stuff we used to do in college : watch trippy content, listen to music and practice our singing, impromptu dance parties, or make collaborative art. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. We have deep conversations about the different phases in our life we've experienced together. We were even trying for a baby at the same time which was incredibly random (my life has since taken a sharp turn away from babies but I still love hearing about her journey).

  10. This goes without saying but bffs are awesome. I’ve had mine for over 30 years! I can’t even… oh! the times we’ve shared! 🥰 I love that you had quality time with her. Mine’s my rock as well!! Lol!! Whew! I’m trying to sober up so we can go buy 8-9 bazillion more pounds of this amazing weed!! Lol!

  11. Hahaha that sounds amazing!! Yes I love having her and some other special girlfriends close.

  12. Honestly, I would kill for a 9 to 5 at this point. And my husband can walk and take care of his basic needs by himself. It still feels like a full-time job somehow.

  13. I loved this when it first came out and every time I mention its existence people think I had a fever dream lol

  14. This is often a very controversial topic, because there are so many ways to view this scenario. Even from my point of view there are situations where I could tolerate things and when I couldn't.

  15. My husband is a veteran, I'm his caregiver, and I have to keep reminding myself over and over again that I need to a) pick my battles b) stop babying him so much and c) need to use my power to say no so that he can also take opportunities to help himself and d) that part of being a caregiver is stepping back every once in awhile so they can build up stamina and confidence and a life outside of you.

  16. Coffee, weed, books, snacks, nd sex....basically how I want my Heaven to be.

  17. This looks just like my cat, Wybie! What a handsome boy Ten is!

  18. I know it’s not intended but it almost kinda looks like sushi with crush eggs too. Awesome work

  19. My immediate thought was oooooo glittery sushi cake!

  20. So I’m a little crazy pants. I use goodreads and StoryGraph, and I also have my own spreadsheet that I just started this year. And I track them on paper in my bullet journal.

  21. Fellow bullet journal tracker here! I upload to GR though too just so I don't forget what I've already read lol

  22. Lol yes! I feel like my depth perception sucks. Plus I'm used to machetes bc of my old job.

  23. The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdich

  24. A lot of people read Henry James, but I believe his best book to be The Tragic Muse and I've never met anyone else who read it. I'd love to talk about it with someone.

  25. One day when these people are in need of a caregiver, no one will step in to help them. You don't need to give them your time or energy.

  26. Listen, this cake is utterly adorable, but I'm gonna need to see the inside!!

  27. This is so fuckin wholesome please we need updates!

  28. My poor poor friend I'm so sorry. Wish we could all be pow wowing with you to make sure you feel safe now ❤

  29. Thanks! I get really attached to them

  30. I not only title my journals, I split them into chapters and title those

  31. {{Seveneves by Neal Stephenson}}

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