I left the country to avoid paying child support for a kid I didn't want


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  1. Cape gris nez in North France is a very short drive from De Panne :D

  2. It baffles me that for such a tiny place how the weather varies so much. My boss had bright fucking sunlight yesterday while I was drowning in clouds.

  3. Im a train driver (that didnt strike yesterday). I saw so many variations yesterday between brussels and Oostende my relatives didnt believe me. It really is insane sometimes

  4. I'd love to tag along sometime haha. Big train sim fan!

  5. Oh definitely a Belgian thing. When I used to commute to work, not a single person would leave space. As for why? Coz they're selfish that's why. They see someone looking for a place yet refuse to move their bag. It's only when you say something that they act all bewildered and act like they're doing you a godsent favour.

  6. I'm 100% remote for a US company. DM me for referal.

  7. Out of curiousity. Is your wage after taxes (I thought Belgian tax rate applies since you'd be working from here, all though this is freelance?) much better?

  8. I'm on payroll. I get wage after taxes.

  9. Buying no idea. Every house I've seen involves giving up my current lifestyle and going into debt for 30y.

  10. Well, if buying a house means such a big debt. How is Europe/belgium a viable option to settle down? Or do you buy house with a partner as such to ease it?

  11. Our definition of settling down isn't the same. ;)

  12. Anybody here got a Google Pixel?

  13. I had the Pixel 2 and Pixel 4. Can totes recommend!

  14. Hey, out of topic but im really curious about what that company is as a student from Belgium!

  15. There's more than one. :)

  16. I'm confused whether you sound privileged or ignorant.

  17. I don’t know really how the phone insurance works, but to be fair seems really good to me for only 5 euros plus (not to mention the 3 more 1% cashback retailers). So in your opinion the metal subscription is worth it?

  18. I've had it for 7 months now. I use the cashback on Albert Heijn, Lidl, Uber Eats, Amazon, Spotify and Aldi.

  19. I chose AH also but for now only AH to go accepts MasterCard or Visa. Next year this will have to change tho so can't wait.

  20. Ah! I am in Belgium. Here they accept MC.

  21. Absolutely. But the government is formed of the people. ;)

  22. Are you open to meeting people across the pond? :)

  23. But don’t you think having a dependency on parents, a bad thing for the children in the long run? And I think some parents have purposefully started to do this so that their children sticks around with them and not leave and that’s just them destroying their children’s lives for their selfish needs.

  24. Yes. My parents' response to why they had me: because we need someone to take care of when we're old.

  25. My wife loves when I smoke, means I’m less grumpy while doing chores and get extra cuddly. But you bet your ass after we get some quality time and the shits are done, I’m gaming for 4 hours straight with the boys. Balance.

  26. Right? When I play Cities Skylines, I get lost for the entire weekend lol.

  27. A bit yeah. But Cities keeps dragging me back. And Flight Simulator!

  28. As I said, I categorise myself as a "highly-qualified individuals". An expert in a specific area in academia is always considered as "highly-qualified individuals", especially when you are funded by the UK Government to carry out your research.

  29. I get your reasoning. I'm just saying there's no added benefit to you being British. It's akin to being in India and applying for a role that is highly skilled.

  30. I agree. Mostly it doesn't really matter. But when you apply to a department where everyone knows you increases the chance of being selected.

  31. Oh absolutely! I was just thinking from the perspective of "visa/ease of access".

  32. Awesome! Gonna PM you then! 😊

  33. Would you be interested in knowing someone from across the pond? :)

  34. Maybe the fact that they're going at it in a public space means you probably shouldn't do jackshit about it since its public space.

  35. Hello from across the pond! I'm far away but do travel for a lot of the year, if that helps. :)

  36. Airline employee here. Unfortunately you’re not entitled to anything, EU or US regulations. Since they were able to get you to your final destination (eventually) you were “made whole” on the contract of carriage you agree to when purchasing a ticket. It’s annoying but that’s the legal environment for the moment.

  37. Isn't there a clause on the number of hours they have to transfer you by?

  38. They are not extra months. The yearly salary is the same whether you receive in 12 ou 14 months.

  39. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of my water.

  40. Well, if you used your water, maybe that satisfies you a bit?

  41. That's exactly what happened with me. The mother's decided on something and since I am the girl, I am supposed to understand and then isolate myself and be the jerk. Because bhaiya would obviously give them a retort and his precious mother doesn't want him to think badly about her.

  42. Someone pointed out that ours is a deeply patriarchal society and this goes to show.

  43. Yeah, f the kid right? You partake in sex which can lead to pregnancy without protection and convince a child. Then bail.

  44. Hello wonders of modern medicine? Or are you living in the 1900s?

  45. Taking responsibility for your actions goes back pretty far, probably a lot earlier then the 1900’s.

  46. "can lead to pregnancy" can be resolved through wonders of modern medicine

  47. And that means we should be fine with it? Or is there a different point you're making?

  48. It means there's precedent.

  49. There's no big identity theft issue in Belgium. Focus on stuff that actually makes a difference. Again, 1 guy on a power trip is all it took.

  50. The Belgian passport is the 7th according to the Henley Index. It'd be naive to think there's no identity theft.

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