1. Fun fact; fuck the bullpen, if the manager isn’t constantly trying to get cute running Bradley Zimmer and his “elite” defence(because Jays fans can’t look on baseball savant to see what an actual elite CF looks like) we might not have wasted 2 on 0 out by having Raimel Tapia hit lefty lefty because we had to cover for the scrub who was put in the lineup to shag fly balls for literally 0 reason despite the fact the guy he replaced is perfectly capable of doing that.

  2. Then he should just be fired now, no fucking way this Jays team is getting a sniff of a World Series.

  3. Bass & Garcia should have swapped where they pitched.

  4. We’re in trouble. And it’s entirely on Shapiro and Atkins. This team is worse than when they took over and tired of hearing about the AA hate of cleaning the cupboards. We have worse prospects than when AA was GM.

  5. I went looking for a Zimmer highlight real. Came up empty

  6. At this point, I'd rather Thornton start a game over Kikuchi.

  7. That game is a good reminder that just because we've held a playoff position all year, the postseason is by no means a lock. We need to find some consistency and trotting out Kikuchi every 5th day is not gonna help with that

  8. Kikuchi Thornton Richards has to be the shittiest trio imagineable

  9. What are the chances of Merrifield & Merryweather being on the active roster together?

  10. I think Garcia was warming up when it was 3-2, he was ready so may as well use him.

  11. If this is a typical Rays\Jays game, the bullpen will cough up another run this inning to make the 9th, near impossible.

  12. If this were a Jay's bullpen day, a shitty hitting team like this current Rays team would have run up the score.

  13. August 2024, Toronto Blue Jays complete trade for stud reliever Jeremy Beasley from Pittsburgh for their #4 prospect.

  14. Were lucky it went into the ground first.

  15. JA Happ got hit in the head with a come-backer. His knee was more damaged as he collapsed.

  16. 3 runs over 5 innings is not great, but it's not a disaster.

  17. If Gallo is released or made available (for pennies on the dollar), should the Jays take a flier?

  18. Great win. Let’s hope they give Springer the week off.

  19. Wheeew closer than it should have been, but I'll take it.

  20. I know it's how scoring is done, but the inherited runners should all be charged to Richards. He throws a meatball with 2 on, he deserves the earned runs, not Gausman.

  21. I've petitioned (to deaf ears) for earned runs to be split.

  22. That seem more rational. The pitcher leaving has no control over how good (or bad) the next pitcher is.

  23. Anyway, at least we split the series.

  24. Cards are a tough team, but again with 2 of their best players not here - it feels like a lost opportunity.

  25. I’m doing the plane in my living room like Springer and I look like an idiot


  27. So does this make the Jays sellers at the trade deadline?

  28. It's funny you say that because Vladdy has been having a better season so far than the one you're referring to in the video (Albeit in 31 more games).

  29. Yeah, I was referring to his general approach and body language. He looks out of sorts this season. Of course the number 1 rule of this forum is to never question the performance of one of the Blue Jays golden boys.

  30. There's nothing wrong with questioning it but to say he's like a shadow of his former self while he has performed better than the example you're referencing can come off as a bit of an overreaction rather than simply being critical.

  31. We’re in the 4th inning and people are calling us feast or Famine offence ? It’s just like do people expect us to score every inning of every game ?

  32. It's from previous observations. When the 2022 team gets behind, it's rare that they mount a comeback. The 2021 team was never (ok, almost never) out of a game.

  33. Trevor Richards leads our relief pitchers (qualified) with 11.23 Ks/9

  34. IDK, it's a long season and it's better to manage his load.

  35. This is the point at which Shatkins decides to become sellers at the deadline

  36. Too much invested and now the target is on his back.

  37. Guys..the trailer is usually the best parts of the movie...

  38. Good observation. When it's a bad movie, the trailer has the only good parts to suck in the audience.

  39. When the Sox or Rays lose to bottom dwellers, they put up a much better fight.

  40. Back to reality, good night all. See y'all for more pain tomorrow.

  41. This team needs more than a manager change, it need a culture change.

  42. It looks like it's between the Jays, Rays, Bosox, M's. Kind of like last season.

  43. I’ve seen this story before and it’s best not to underestimate a bunch of minor leaguers with a chance to prove themselves.

  44. I just hope for the Jays to win the series regardless of the score.

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