1. Uh-oh that sounds like akathisia to me. You should not just be accepting that, you need to tell your doc about it. They can try adding a couple different meds to help with that and if that doesn’t work then they should switch you off haldol to a different med. Akathisia is absolute torture and it can drive people to suicide if gone unchecked for too long, I know from experience.

  2. Hey man you have akasthesia and anhedonia!!! If you are unable to sit still while your laying down and have the feeling as if you need to get up and start walking around you have akasthesia . I had it for weeks it was awful! And the anhedonia is a depletion of dopamine which is what the antipsychotics do so it’s very common this happens

  3. I heard it may take up to 3 years. I am still (hopefully) recovering my cognitive abilities after more than two years

  4. What a fucking stupid comeback! Typing laughs just to pretend that he's not affected when he clearly is. Then why the fuck are you responding to this post of mine if you clearly aren't affected?!! YOU FUCKING DUMBASS AMERICAN FUCK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  6. How much time in the sauna are you hitting? Is it a game changer?

  7. Can you post your secret for switching your tattoos to the other arm?

  8. yeah just rotate your body the other way and take a pic haha

  9. Bruh not gonna lie he might be capping cause I went through his post history and somewhere he states this is a 14 month transformation and the fat guy actually has blue eyes while the fit guy has dark brown or black eyes and the hair also pretty unreasonable that it will grow so much in a year even after good genetics and good care

  10. fat guy was insecure and wore contacts. this is me

  11. Ayo bro whatever you say man if this transformation is legit hats off to you king and no need to be insecure btw does the loose skin goes away by itself or would it need some treatment

  12. check my new post out, and yes. i just need to get to a lower BF%

  13. haldol + keto made me lose weight. Some AP’s are weight neutral like haldol, ziprasidone, latuda

  14. damn i guess its a hit or miss with genetic makeup or something. ive read it completely kills the high from some other peeps

  15. I find 2mg of risperidone to negate the effects of moderate doses of methamphetamine and 4mg to negate the effects of high doses of methamphetamine. Redosing gradually starts working again after about 12-24 hours.I haven't tried it with other stims or other antipsychotics.

  16. redosing your g or antipsychotic? does it completely negate all affects?

  17. Just commenting so I can also learn the answer. It has been about a year for my SO so far and still and I am just wondering if it ever stops on its own.

  18. it stopped for me but i needed to be medicated.

  19. DSM 5 says you need to have one of the above (hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking,) with negative symptoms lasting 6 months to be diagnosed

  20. I’ve lost 35lbs of the 60 I gained on invega using the keto diet and fasting

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