1. There’s a photo of him where he is injured

  2. I think this photo’s old. No reason for him to be around wearing the Indian training kit. He would either be wearing his state’s kit or RCB’s kit. Seems like an old picture.

  3. I liked The Batman’s Falcone more overall, but he didn’t scare me too much. While Batman Begins Falcone scared the shit out of me when I first saw him

  4. I can't figure out if this is a joke or a genuine wish 😂😂

  5. The Suns have CP0 rings, Clippers have Paul George and the Mavs have zero defense. Only Denver and us are contending

  6. Really hope we can go through Denver in the playoffs, we’re really formidable over a 7-game series so hopefully with GP2 back we can do this shit!

  7. Honestly i think we can if only we can carry this momentum on the road, we're set for a good record

  8. Yes absolutely! Road momentum important! With Steph hopefully back @Lakers on Sunday, we can make it happen!

  9. They are porpoising due to the venturi tunnel in the floor which has only been re-introduced to f1 regulations since 2022, so it's abit difficult to tell at this stage, but generally speaking porpoising is here to stay for all teams just some cars suffer more dramatically due to various reasons, suspension stiffness is a big contributor to porpoising as ground effect cars are usually set up to be considerably more stiff than a regular setup

  10. Right yes of course porpoising will stay, but as Redbull don’t suffer from porpoising that much, Mercedes can solve it in a way too right? Obviously can’t tell anything just by 90 minutes of testing but I was just curious

  11. I'm not too sure how they can "solve" it per say, I believe it is more of a compromise and they just didn't have the lap time to sacrifice for driver comfort

  12. Can't believe everything teams say, but Toto said earlier in the winter that they have understood what caused the aggressive bouncing they encountered and apparently they now know how to solve the problem.

  13. No one who knows can tell you, and no one who tells you will know!

  14. that's fine, I was curious about this unique design, i guess we'll have to wait

  15. It looks like a mini Ferrari side pod concept. My guess would be to better manage flow to the rear to reduce drag, but I know nothing so that’s probably totally wrong!

  16. Yeah my guess was it would reduce the massive drag the W13 had last year, but can't say anything until Q1 next weekend.

  17. Yes I am aware, I am new to this so I should get a new mic in a few weeks. But how was the content?

  18. Okay that’s really good feedback. I will focus on all of those things. Thank you!

  19. I feel the knightmare timeline suit was pretty cool too, wasn’t technically a suit cause it was a dream and stuff and but it looked so sick

  20. This is the most cry baby sub on Reddit. Y’all relax. It’s about to be the break, getting healthy at the right time. Have some faith in the 4 time champs.

  21. No one’s crying my guy, but it’s frustrating if the warriors keep blowing leads and losing games. Because it’s not just 1 game, we’ve atleast lost 6+ games this season just because of these stupid mistakes.

  22. Plus it’s the same mistakes like every game. I don’t get it.

  23. I think there’s a lot to be excited about, because at time this team has looked deadly. We just need to find a way over the next 30 games to look deadly every time we go out to play.

  24. His low IQ play is what is pissing me off, not the missed shots. Terrible turnovers, terrible decision making, ect.

  25. That’s exactly what has been worrying me since his return from injury. Steph is the one who usually makes plays and is a playmaking god. And he backs himself to take the shot more often than not. What’s happening right now he is just passing the ball too much, no shit he reached double figures in assists in the previous two games.

  26. This sub loses it every time Steph , Klay or Dray are having a bad game, they’re human. It sucks for sure but everybody should relax, you can’t say they suck just because we lost.

  27. Exactly my point. They’ve won us countless games, heck they won us the 2022 Finals, trust the process cause we’re going to the playoffs anyway.

  28. All this negativity man. Have some faith in our team smh

  29. No negativity man, just fun. I love this team and trust them to do well for the rest of the season, but sometimes they just throw away easy games and as fans it’s hurtful to watch.

  30. I do this on the days they have a back to back, I feel like there are more of those this season.

  31. I read somewhere that the dubs have the most number of back to backs this season. That’s harsh because we are the defending champions so shouldn’t we have a “normal” schedule.

  32. All the seats at Chase are pretty good. The rows are so steep you got an unobstructed be view of the court.

  33. Oh okay cool, also which is the best website to buy tickets at?

  34. Punchline pe punchline pe punchline, Tujhe dekh ke lagta hai jaise mera lunchtime

  35. Best to print a couple resumes and just go in and ask at some places. I did this downtown and got multiple offers. I bartended and loved it. You obviously have to have a certain personality and schedule for it to work, but I would recommend.

  36. Okay so I haven't really worked many jobs, I have worked in two dining halls that's it. Is that enough to put on my resume?

  37. In the end it’s going to depend. Do you have a car? If you don’t have a car, Campustown businesses are great with their proximity. Downtown Champaign could also be an option since it’s very close by bus/foot. Major retail stores? You could try Schnucks in downtown Urbana (roughly 6 minutes from Lincoln Square), Urbana Meijer, Walmarts in Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy, etc. There’s a bunch of options by Marketplace. There might be a few opportunities by Round Barn.

  38. Thank you for this message. No, I don’t have a car, but I am willing to give 20-30 minutes for bus travel. How do I apply to all these places? For example to major retail stores like target or even county market? Do I just walk in and ask them if they have an opening or something? Because I couldn’t find much retail store jobs online.

  39. Spirit of the game is actually a very subjective matter. What does the spirit mean? The spirit means you don’t cross any lines, you follow the rules, and respect the opposition. I don’t think banter, or sledging, or just respecting the Umpire’s decision is against the spirit of the game. I’ll talk about myself, if I were in that position and the batsman would have been given out when I clearly know it’s not out, I wouldn’t do anything, we got a bonus wicket, it’s not cheating or anything, it’s just following the rules and respecting what the third umpire says. The term - “Spirit of Cricket” is massively overrated.

  40. Thank you someone for saying this! They are good guys but they’re not too different than many other teams!! What just because Kane Williamson smiles when he loses a match or an ICC event final we’re supposed to like them and root for them in every match! What’s more mind-boggling for me is that some Indians would like NZ to win against India just because they are “good guys”. Stop this BS.

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