Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival Canceled After Court Ruling Made It Illegal to Keep Guns Out of Event

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  1. Thanks! I had only done that style of roux once before and concur that it is easy to screw up.

  2. Most people don't make it dark enough to get the deep flavor. But it goes from not there to burned quickly. I don't do it often enough to be good at it. But it's easy enough to pitch it and start over if you go too far.

  3. Yeah, I'm a 30 minutes at 300 degrees? That's the same as 10 minutes at 900, right? Kind of cook.

  4. Still throwing a tantrum? Or did you just give up trying to act like there's something wrong with stating a fact?

  5. It doesn't work as a club crest imo, would be great as a logo for something related to the club through. Like the club restaurant or a bar at Anfield.

  6. Reminds me a lot of secondary logos that get created in the NHL and NBA. Usually a graphically strong element of the main logo/branding. Most get used for only a year or two, but are often fan favorites and make great street wear, fan gear.

  7. You'll Never Eat Alone, where everyone is sat at big group tables

  8. Played that out yesterday when someone wanted some new Beyonce.

  9. Big sacks of take out from Cajun Seafood at esplanade and clairborne.

  10. I love that song and Alicia, but I wonder how dumb she felt lip syncing with all those people so close to her.

  11. How dumb would you feel going to a music show recording to sit around the stage listening to a recording and watching a performer lip sync.

  12. I was spinning a soccer pregame tailgate yesterday. Had a tween girl come up, show me her phone with "It's my mom's birthday. Could you play 50 cent In da Club?" typed so I could quickly read it while playing.

  13. Falcons GOAT kicker. I bet he's proud of Koo following in his footsteps.

  14. At least he’s being sent off with a win.

  15. Depends who you ask. As a Sounders fan, last night fucking sucked! Haha

  16. Fair. But you'd like to see good folks go out in good style, even if they aren't part of your club.

  17. David’s produce on Lavista Road has the best boiled peanuts. It’s literally a little country store in the city. Ok, not quite city, but still ITP.

  18. Huh. Having lunch at the taco place right there tomorrow. May need to grab me some stew.

  19. Do! It’s worth it. I hope you like the Taqueria el Vecino too. Love it. The owners used to be my neighbors.

  20. I've been there before. It's really good. I want to try their birria, not sure what day they have it.

  21. Off the beaten path? There are quite a few cemeteries around town most tourists don’t go to such as Saint Vincent’s, Saint Roch, Lafayette cemetery #2, but watch your back.

  22. The little room in the St. Rochs cemetery chapel full of weird old artificial limbs and braces and shit is pretty awesomely creepy

  23. I’m in 102 and I heard it constantly throughout the first half and more sporadically during the second, and definitely during play. It sounded like someone was just holding it in their mouth and blowing into it to the tune of the chants. It was constant.

  24. They would need to be communist and anarchist levels of left. Not “voted for Biden” kind of left. As long as they are having fun I guess.

  25. We have a degree of that, for sure. But I'd assume we picked it up as a fairly well known futball song, not as an anti-fash anthem.

  26. Not that play I was referring to. Wasn't a handball though.

  27. Agree - It was ball to arm, way too fast to be called as a handball.

  28. purp bolt on the zam in early game is unfair. I love sniping though and usually get a normal gun midgame

  29. All of us 3 rampart mains are devotion enjoyers

  30. Both are bad strikers. Dude hits a ball directly at the keeper and people think he’s done it.

  31. https://www.reddit.com/r/NewcastleUnited/comments/whvv88/were_sending_him_from_atlanta_with_love_your_new/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  32. So… that makes things interesting.

  33. He's sued and the the Georgia supreme Court ruled on the short-term vs long-term thing 2 years ago.

  34. No, he has NOT sued Music Midtown, Live Nation (the organization behind it), or anyone else. He has sent them letters threatening to do so, but as of right now he couldn’t actually sue because there is no harm that has been committed.

  35. When I said sued, I was talking about the prior Botanical Garden lawsuit. But yes.

  36. He spent a LONG time at the 17s tailgate. Did pictures with pretty much everyone who wanted one.

  37. Her abilities do seem OP, what's her heirloom gonna be? A water pistol full of eSport Pro tears? lol

  38. I found this shit at a random supermarket and it's so damn hot.

  39. I have the scorpion. It surprised me. A friend in ket west said he thinks the company closed.

  40. Posting Bjork is kinda cheating. This is her whole thing.

  41. Because the couch dress is like the 3rd weirdest thing she's wearing.

  42. That and the state weakening tenure and the state banning colleges from making public health decisions like requiring masks or quarantining. It really seems like the state wants the prestige of GA Tech and UGA to dissolve away.

  43. Yes. The guns thing was major, but pandering to anti-vax MAGAs at the cost of faculty health was the final straw for some friends.

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