1. They could but in this context, how could it be pieced together?

  2. You cant avoid it unless you know what the interview would consist of beforehand. This happened to me but the answers werent enough and also add, they love to waste your time when they already know they wont be moving forward with you

  3. No, past CC experiences caused irreversible phone ptsd which affects my current job although its not bad. My current job just triggers me

  4. I like to pull 5 cards and read it as a sentence. I find 3 cards just don't satisfy my questions enough. Maybe do a new one same question or pull two more ?

  5. When I pull 5 cards, I feel like I am reading it wrong because I start mirroring. Perhaps I should just read it straight without mirroring

  6. Is this a newer job? The child often shows something brand new or perhaps delicate ( I've never seen that meaning in it before ), but certainly cutting the anchor is cutting the stability. So I wouldn't take the chance. The child can of course represent your child if you have one, in which case if this job provides that stability, it would be gone. ?

  7. They wont fire you. Alot of big MSP are like this. They have tons of money from who knows where and they pay people for doing nothing.

  8. How would I go about finding a job like that?

  9. May I ask you about the "clouds" card? Which side is the darker side of the clouds facing? Which side is the clearer side of the clouds facing?

  10. Dark side is on the right, the clear side is on the left

  11. There’s a high chance you’ll end up unemployed and desperate enough to take anything that comes your way. Not being currently employed is a red flag for a lot of recruiters, so you’ll get less bites on applications too. Never quit a job without another one lined up.

  12. Card reading: “You should face the difficult challenge of working in something totally new and that brings you before the public (enhances your reputation). “

  13. I always looked at the mountain as a block so it may have skewed my interpretation

  14. Ok I see. In my opinion it is a too general question. If you have anything in mind why not ask how it would work out? Like be more specific.

  15. Ok but I am stuck, unsure how to ask or where to start to be honest

  16. Why would you do such a thing at school or work? They watch everything

  17. I worked at CCs where managers take calls, I believe the high turnover is due to micromanagement and abuse

  18. Would your manager hope on que to take calls when it was high?

  19. Theres really nothing you can do to be honest. I got hooked on edibles which were detrimental to me and weening myself off of them was horrible.

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