1. The prequels in general had a great soundtrack across the board!

  2. Especially when Simone and Mark used to date. Personal matters, like breakups, tend to fracture the band (e.g. Leaves Eyes), but their lineup has been pretty solid.

  3. It's unfortunate... Joseph Mawle as Adar was the only bright spot of the show. However, I'm glad he's moving on to greener pastures.

  4. Based on the article and the other categories, this seems like an awards for marketing in the entertainment industry? Which fair enough, ROP did put in a lot of money in their promotions and PR.

  5. I could understand why Tarja would want to re-record Sleeping Sun. The original version had severe knödel (tongue tension) throughout, and there seems to be nasality in the second verse. Preference aside, 2005 is technically better in every way: she sings with more acoustical space, resulting in clearer vowels. Her nasality is gone and hasn’t been an issue for her since then.

  6. Echoing DC! Even if she doesn't fit fit the physical profile completely (I think she does, though), she definitely has the Tailored Chic essence imo.

  7. No disrespect to Charlie Vickers at all, but when you take a look at his filmography, he's quite green. If he had known that he was portraying Sauron from the start -he only found out around the filming of E3- he may not have taken the role or opted for a different character, such as Isildur.

  8. Thranduil is beautiful 😍 He's the best looking elf of any elf in fantasy media imo. Lee Pace is an incredible actor, exuding a regal aura so well with his physicality and line delivery-- the exact opposite of his role as Ned from Pushing Daisies.

  9. Adar: He's the only character I've formed a connection with. I could foresee him having a tragic end, but I can't help rooting for him and his orcs uruks.

  10. I found a PDF of the appendices

  11. I was looking forward to this! I love the humor with the apple and verbose Gandalf, and also appreciated Galadriel's motivation being Celebeon... would've worked so much better.

  12. I love New Legends of Monkey! It's cheesy, campy and has heart... something that's missing in RoP.

  13. The eruption of Mount Doom would've been the perfect opportunity for Halbrand (Sauron) to escape. With all the chaos and confusion, no one would keep an eye out on their king, since they'd be concerned about their own survival. He could then shape shift as an emissary of the Valar.

  14. Sure, Jan. If that was the case, why show Halbrand appearing conflicted when no other characters were around? Why not reveal his identity to the audience sooner?

  15. The directing in that scene was one of the reasons why I was a doubter of H = S until the end. I remember Adar's line went something like, "A wife? (pause) Or a child?", and then cutting back to a shot of Halbrand-- I thought it was a peculiar line delivery and editing.

  16. What I don't understand is that they were greenlit 5 seasons right off the bat. I'm sure every showrunner would love the chance to tell the story they want without the threat of cancellation. (If you're a Netflix show, you're still not safe even with a second or third season.)

  17. If only this was what the actual show was like.

  18. There's a post in that Other Sub where they're actually sad that Charlie Vickers shot down the ship. Some of them are even hoping they'd kiss?!?!?! NOOOOOOO

  19. Accompanied by Billie Eilish's Bad Guy playing in the background.

  20. Imagine calling your show, "The Rings of Power", but the rings aren't relevant until the last 20 minutes of the season. The storyline that should've been the main plotline is rushed, while screentime is given to the Harfoots (that could've been a spin-off).

  21. If this show was actually good, it could stand on its own merits without having to put down other shows/films.

  22. Looks more elf-like here than actual elves from the show.

  23. Love this! I'm looking forward to your drawings of Padme's other dresses.

  24. Neutral ~ negative reviews tend to give specific examples of what they liked/didn't like.

  25. Unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed the Hobbit trilogy. I miss ethereal Galadriel and eloquent Gandalf.

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