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  1. Okay, but the mic looks like a cross on his chest.

  2. Its a hellish scenario when these patients come to the doctor finally in the mid 60s. It's a losing battle at that point.

  3. Wouldn't a Luciferase enzyme break down Lucifer?

  4. Measles spreads so quickly . This is simply not okay.

  5. As a rule, I generally avoid the " ...but why do we even know about that? " type.

  6. Beauty products don't have to prove that they are effective unlike pharma. They just need to be proved ' safe' . They depend on marketting . Very little investment. Loads of money.

  7. The battlepass links monetization to progression in a genre where a sense of progression is key. This is an awful move ( from the player's perspective).

  8. Completely false. Go and read the dev blog on monetisation and the battle pass.

  9. I have actually read the entire thing months ago and I'm also quite familiar with the psychological effects of techniques the industry is using now. I'm not saying that you need money to progress . What I'm saying is it's problematic where they're putting it in the game:- You see it as you progress in the season in a game where a sense of progression is what makes the game work. That's key.

  10. There's too much into put into a 2 hour period. Too many things to introduce and then explore and finally conclude.

  11. Agree completely. I like the simplistic “stone” look of d2 but I prefer the ornate and visually interesting design of D3s UI. D4 looks like an incomplete cross between both. I don’t understand why they would choose calibri light when they own one of the most iconic fonts in arpg history.

  12. There are some insane stealth moves you can pull of once you figure out how the AI actually behaves. I figured out a lot of stuff in my second playthrough.

  13. Some of you really need to go and see your country.

  14. She does, and I actually think the pictures are in the reverse order. She looked like she did on the right for many years, and then got a bunch of facial fillers and everyone thought she’d finally recovered and gained weight, but then you see her body in her videos and she’s just as thin.

  15. These dermatologists are making a joke of the profession.

  16. The Diablo skull in her hand is surely significant.She's gonna summon Diablo once we chase after her, isn't she?

  17. I thought it was her father Mephisto's skull, rather than Diablo. I have the statue as well and I feel like it was in the descriptive text that came with it, but could absolutely be misremembering and not currently at home to double-check.

  18. In the recent update of YouTube the devs clearly refer to it as Diablo.

  19. Yeah, people seem to think all leads should be charismatic and larger than life personalities.

  20. Maybe not a popular opinion, but Syndicate was my least favorite AC.

  21. Yeah, felt like it was adapted from a comic.

  22. It's a good life we live brother...

  23. Yeah, me too. I've never liked games without a challenge. IMO , games are diluting themselves to make sure everybody plays them.Developers are making games that are "Jack of all trades , master of none."

  24. Syndicate is far easier.Although, that does detract from the the impact of a successfully done stealth mission. On the flip side it makes the game more accessible.

  25. 😂😂😂 and that’s pretty much it huh? Just enjoy the game? That’s cool with me.

  26. There's a LOT of Lore. Knowing it will definitely enrich your playing experience.

  27. No, just watch a few lore videos. You can also play D4 without knowing the lore but that's generally a different experience.

  28. The person has a valid point. Just shouldn't have spoken ib absolutes.

  29. David Brevik mentioned this as a problem when they were first conceptualizing Diablo 3 as a MMO. He talked about a loss of a feeling of progression.

  30. Oh wow. She's a rapist and people cheered at "How did the dick get hard? " It's the same as male rapists saying, if you didn't want it, why'd you get wet?

  31. This Tate sort of movement was bound to happen with the way things were going.

  32. There's an official quarterly update from the developer about the end game on the website.

  33. There are games that make you feel like you have spend hours a day doing dailies/weeklies to feel like you are remotely progressing at a decent pace. Doesn’t seem like that will be the case for d4

  34. Good to know. Those daily/ weekly quests are intentionally put there to aid "habit forming" behaviour. It's a good sign of how predatory the monetization is going to be.

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