1. Maybe its time for Pelosi will prove her innocence on how she was able to swoop in and buy stocks at the most perfect time every time for years otherwise she should be thrown in prison along with her cheating husband.

  2. All good until they thanked democrats, the very people ushering in communism

  3. The bone one is literal wrong, we can see very characteristic differences between white and black etc skulls

  4. You misunderstood the image. It clearly shows that the skulls have significant differences.

  5. Yeah but they’re implying that race was invented because “wypipo hate minority” and not that there’s biological differences

  6. Ah I see, the joke is that they end up dead before needing the bathroom

  7. Pretty sure Lenin made it illegal a few years later along with prostitution

  8. Yeah but these people think Lenin Lenin never did wrong despite having his own gulags etc

  9. “Hey kids you don’t know anything about sexuality etc because you’re kids so let me teach you all about it while I spin my nipple tassels”

  10. Oh wow yet another storming by the democrats, they’ll quickly sweep this under the rug like how their side threw bombs at a federal building during the terrorist Blm riots

  11. I would feel bad, but I'm sure the billions and billions he's received already is keeping him comfy at night

  12. This dude is absolutely terrified that the limelight is moving away from him, he's 100% A grade narcissism so even if he has billions he'd give it all away just for a few more minutes in the light.

  13. It's only an insurrection when the right do it.

  14. That's because the right works and the left is nothing but failure and handouts.

  15. So now we see that Christians can also be killed... Could we actually, you know, restrict gun access?

  16. It was a gun free zone so we know that a 100% restriction literally did jackshit to stop this

  17. So forgetting someone exists = hateful……..

  18. Most of the games they produce aren’t up to par with some games that’ve been released for the same amount of time.

  19. The best total warhammer is the mod for medieval 2

  20. What a weird sub, i guess the ultimate form of flattery is imitation haha

  21. It'd be more accurate if you replace gun with the woke cult

  22. The left: hyper charges ill people by telling them that the other political side is coming to get them and then using said ill people as chess pieces when they snap

  23. Because they’re narcissists and don’t see anything they do as negative

  24. Have you ever tried one of these clays? Seems more bang for bucks

  25. Neato, love your artworks they’re really inspiring

  26. I wonder if the parents of the deceased kids will sue pakman for defamation, seeing how Alex J got a billion dollar bill for questioning it shouldn't be impossible to demand a reparations of a few hundred million from him

  27. The lion in the cage might have access to all its life necessities but they definitely do not look as happy as the lions that live free and have to fight for their meals

  28. In 2020 there was around 20 thousand gun related murders but please do tell us how less than 0.000....% of guns are responsible for murder etc

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