1. Blackfishing is a thing that exists though. Just because it's not applicable in this scenario doesn't mean it's not an issue worthy of being addressed. You saying that policing skin tones will "never not be gross" to you seems to make a sweeping statement that I don't think leaves a lot of room for, ironically, nuance.

  2. This kinda happened with Shuga Cain too. People post pictures of her with dark make-up on and it's like, uh, I've seen her in person several times at the drag bar down the street from me both in and out of drag and she just looks like that out of drag. She's pretty dark and tans easily and naturally (and like, runs a lot of marathons and shit in the summer from what I understand).

  3. Oro gouken and gen should all come at the same time thanks

  4. Fireball wars are street fighter. Not every match needs them but there's nothing wrong with them either.

  5. Character choice makes literally no difference if you are below diamond

  6. I am Diamond and this is not true

  7. I just don't like that Capcom released an intentionally overpowered character so that top players would be forced to play him and advertise SF6 on streams

  8. I don't know how to communicate how much it sucks for your rights as a person to be the subject of diplomatic or political squabbling. If you're straight, I hope you're grateful that you don't know what that feels like.

  9. We all know what the political squabble for rights feels like. Every country, even the most developed ones, have yet to guarantee some rights I and many others would like to get.

  10. I get that, but I was just trying to impress upon you how difficult it is when your group doesn't have enough voting power to ensure their rights in their own. This is, like it or not, a limit of democracy (not that I'm saying I don't agree with democracy as a system or anything).

  11. For a long time he was one of the worst/most inconsistent characters in the game so most people didn't play him. He also wasn't as unique as someone like faust so it's easier to find another character that feels similar but just gives more return. Plus none of the "big" fgc personalities played him, someone like faust still had people like apologyman to spread his influence. After the new patch he has gotten better but also removed a lot of what made him fun to the remaining people so while he's better now he's not really more popular.

  12. Yeah part of the issue is that while Anji isn't exactly a clone of Ky or whatever, their gameplan is similar enough to characters like Ky/Sol/May/Leo that playing one of them is almost always going to yield better results (and also those characters are a tad more expressive)

  13. I know some people enjoy Brawl, but I find it just painfully slow. Like this is high level ZSS play and it seems like a slideshow compared to Melee. It's wild.

  14. By fighting game standards this clip is honestly pretty fast and I like Brawl's pace plenty, it's just its own thing

  15. Street Fighter 5 is one example. Rounds *can* be very explosive, but so can rounds in Brawl, lol. I play SF5 at a high level and most of it Street Fighter is just poking and waiting for your opponent to make a mistake.

  16. Yeah I was in Ohio until I was 10 and so this seems to explain it. Thank you

  17. Other than studying IQ tests themselves education has fairly minimal impact on IQ (basically an absurdly rich child will have like 5-10% more IQ than a starving child in Africa on average; but mostly due to inherent bias in the test)

  18. IQ is also not a great way to measure intelligence. It's not credible as a measurement of basically anything.

  19. This is based on the archaic meaning of the word "suffer," which means to "tolerate." It's used in a lot of old texts this way. "Suffer well" would then mean like, "hold on," or "stay strong."

  20. Why do so many people acting like a new version of an OS being built largely with the old one as a base is a sin, or like pointing it out is some kind of "gotcha?"

  21. Also is it just me or do ads not work in the slightest? I always buy the same things at the store. I know what movies/games I will like

  22. Probably been said by now but ads are about awareness. They don't exist to convince you to purchase something based solely on the ad.

  23. Using real, tangible, non-technobabble science to trap and destroy Gorn ships.

  24. The scorch was such a cool moment, I wish they had put it somewhere else though. Not to be a teeth-sucker but I mean... did the production really forget that part of the ship was entirely destroyed in Disco season 2? How can it be the oldest part of the ship?! :P

  25. Tonebooster EQ is ridiculously good and full featured and like 1/4 the price. I've used both a lot and unless tbeq has phasing problems I'm not aware of i don't see a reason to shell out for pro Q unless you're collabing and/or have a lot of cash to throw around

  26. No self respecting/depricating Spanish man will ever use Latinx

  27. I think Latinx is really stupid but it's not used in Latin America because it is a different culture with different considerations and separate racial dynamics. French people don't say c'est la vie either, that's a dumb expression only used by the English speaking world. Languages are used and change in different places in different ways, there's no rule that says Americans have to use Spanish words the same way they do in Spain, Mexico or Chile. With that said basically anything would have been better than Latinx.

  28. i don't dislike her, but i don't really have any reason to like her as a character. up until episode 8, it seemed all she did was smirk and make a "witty" remark occasionally.

  29. This isn't your fault. Part of the problem is that the show has sort of failed to develop her very much beyond that. She's a likable shell but there needs to be more substance. Also, the actor is doing a great job, so it's not her fault either.

  30. Bashir is a perfect comparison. It took a long time for Bashir to come together as a character and at first his basic characterization was prominent but paper thin with very little substance to it. Ultimately Bashir becomes a truly great character through his relationships with the other characters, so hopefully they can do the same with Ortegas ultimately. Give her a Garak and an O'Brien (though, it looks like Una/La'an are the designated bromance so far).

  31. I actually don't hate the augment storyline either. I think it was the right kind of retcon, because it tied together a lot of things we already knew about him and helps explain away some banal writing choices. It helped explain his brilliance and level of achievement while also explaining his tendency to always be second place (because he didn't want to attract too much attention, we can assume it was done intentionally). It also gave the writers more opportunities to write stories tailored to him specifically, instead of stories that could have been anyone but were Julian's because he was available or hadn't had an ep in a while. It also helped explain Section 31's interest in him, or at least helped justify it.

  32. What ya getting from the GOP except White Jesus, Guns, and beating up trans people?

  33. I imagine he's a Sanders guy, not a repub.

  34. "World" is often used in a literary context to refer to the surroundings and environment of the intended reader. The writer of this piece doesn't believe that Roe v. Wade was global constitutional law, you just have a third grade reading level.

  35. Women are the majority in this country and are also the majority of voters. I feel like women should spend some time trying to convince other women not to vote for fascists. Men are part of the problem of course because they make up some percentage of conservative voters. But the number of women who voted for trump who are mad about this SCOTUS decision is a better starting point.

  36. So you don’t drive, eat, use electricity, or wear clothes? Are you on app or Apple product now? And as far as tourism dollars, who do you think provides those blue states 😂

  37. https://i.imgur.com/iAmPAAC.jpg

  38. Unrelated and there could be 200 explanations for this but man there's really only one anji in the top 100.

  39. I count 2, at 59 and 87. There's only one Leo for the time being, though. Every character appears at least once, which is kind of impressive.

  40. He's an extremely good online character but not a great tournament character at least so far. Maybe things will be different now but it's early to say.

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