Elon Musk's child seeks name change to sever ties with father

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AITA for calling MIL out on her allergies

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  1. I don't understand the edit, cause I can definitely imagine the first post happening in the US

  2. I presume there were a lot of US-specific responses and talking about how she's faking it because this wouldn't happen in (what seems like) a relatively progressive part of the country to require OP to say "not US"

  3. Thanks for opening my eyes, update went well enough!

  4. I'm so, so glad things turned out well for you :)

  5. Who really cares what his gripe is, if someone wants you to refer to them in the third person so be it lol. They went with them and their friend and took my advice and F’ed themselves

  6. oh agreed, I'm just responding to the person above me's comment re: neopronouns v/s pronouns

  7. I’m just thinking when people say pronouns it’s really neopronouns they’re referring to. It’s not hard to call someone what they want unless it’s some esoteric bs

  8. Source + more information on azulejos:

  9. Depends on what the men's issues are and what the advocacy entails, tbh.

  10. Men's mental health is a terrible issue that society just doesn't adress, I agree. However, I got the impression from the post it more like the latter.... and that just sucks

  11. Ah, yeah, I think I misread your original comment - I thought you meant you were troubled by OP's comment on the "men's issues" bit 🤦‍♀️

  12. Why would an Etruscan choose to depict Achilles?

  13. There was quite a bit of cultural exchange between the Greeks and the Etruscans, AFAIK - Achilles was known as Achle to the Etruscans, and they were the main export market for Greek vases, which led to them developing their own vase painting tradition.

  14. Wonder if this was meant for export?

  15. Gonna be honest, the Tash throwaway kind of jumped the shark for me.

  16. I agree the father in this story is an even bigger AH than the father in the song. But no, there is not a charitable explanation in the song. If you think so, do yourself a favor and rid yourself of the idea that always working is an excuse to never have time for loved ones :-)

  17. A charitable explanation is not justification - in the song, his son is completely justified to react the way he did, no ifs ands or buts. The father may have acted in a way he thought was not only right, but beneficial for his kid - thus, charitable.

  18. I am not arguing against you nor intending to claim anything against or about you. To me we are conjecturing about the lyrics of a song and the moral standing of the actions of the fictional father therein. Entertaining at best and nothing more than that :-) To phrase it within the context of this subreddit, is the father in the song an AH.

  19. (we're arguing over song lyrics, so, y'know, low stakes)

  20. The OP quite literally said “if they used their position to help people escape,” which is literally why Sugihara is a hero

  21. Given some of the comments here, I went and looked up this guy's Wikipedia and uh...

  22. Not ideal, but I'd wager most sports franchise owners are conservative assholes, the just don't have all of their views on public record like a governor does. A large chunk of players are too. We'll see how it goes and hope that running a hockey team comes with a different agenda than winning elections in a red state.

  23. Oh agreed, but have your views on public record as an elected official doesn't raise much faith in him stepping back and letting the team go about stuff w/o being influenced by him. Like, if he buys it, I'll be interested to see if the Preds will continue to do Pride Night and stuff like that

  24. Healthcare costs, help with transitioning, finding non-homophobic places to stay and work, mental health care, legal costs for going after homophobic/transphobic laws (so not just individual legal issues, structural ones as well), educational programs to raise awareness, no/low cost “fun nights” for community members on low incomes like themed movie nights and so on…

  25. Info - are you planning on never having a babysitter that isn't your parents? That may be a good thing to have lined up anyways as an alternative option. And your kid doesn't have any socialization besides you and your parents? That doesn't seem great for the child's development.

  26. I live in a country where non-family babysitters are VERY uncommon, and I can't say that's really affected societal or personal development here 🤷‍♀️

  27. In some states, ABA therapy is the only kind of therapy covered by assistance programs. It's still a very common therapy, I don't think that makes the post less credible.

  28. Yup, there's been a couple of posts with parents who have said they would love to stop ABA therapy, but they'd be homeless and unable to afford food if they did that. It's utterly awful - but occasionally, the only choice is the worst-case scenario.

  29. 1 to 800. I'm assuming they can't narrow down a more exact date.

  30. I didn't really put their asses in gear, they discovered that the situation was much more serious when they visited a doctor for an urine problem which turned out to be nothing to worry about. I did tell them to get different opinions as the original doctor that checked his legs said it's a muscular problem (that turned out to be a nervous one)

  31. Imma be honest, I'm very not surprised you're 17.

  32. OP, even your mutual friends are saying the only reason these guys want to get back in contact is because they need money from you

  33. And this is why he should not be allowed into any power position. We need to lock him behind bars also.

  34. As someone who is a picky eater, but DOESN'T have food allergies, I hate the idea of calling preferences an 'allergy'.

  35. Here's the thing - there have been times when I've had to call food aversions allergies in restaurants because otherwise the servers just shovel it into my meals regardless.

  36. My thoughts are, if you are in a restaurant that does that? Report the servers. If the restaurant doesn't have a policy about substitutions or changing the recipe, don't order that item. (however, it sounds like you aren't in the US, so the culture may be different where you are, in which case, I am sorry that you have to deal with that)

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