1. To be fair, the war is far closer to home for them than it is in, say, the US or Canada - it's far more than just a question of brownie points for them, it's the horror of their childhoods come back to life

  2. This is the thing most people here don't understand. For us living next door to Russia, it is not just "a war". It is a war against us, we know that we could be in the same place as Ukrainians are right now. There is a reason why the former Eastern Bloc joined NATO as soon as they could and why Finland has large armed forces for it's size and conscription. We do know what kind of a country is next to us all too well.

  3. And I'm not even getting into Putin's threat of nuclear war - as a citizen of a country that exists on the border with a country we've fought several wars with in living memory, the feeling of being there is something that's seriously challenging to explain if you don't already know it.

  4. Say I’ve got a credit to burn on audible and I’m in the mood for a good love story between two dudes. Any recommendations?

  5. IDK your genre preferences but if you’re looking for an indie Lovecraftian story that’s also ADORABLE (I know, but it delivers) and kind of smutty, try Widdershins by Jordan Hawk. Only warning is that it’s book 1 of 11 and you get sucked into the series quick 😂

  6. Lovecraftian MM is something I did not know I needed in my life before your comment. I was saving this thread to pick from later but now I definitely have to start with this.

  7. It’s FANTASTIC and if you like it DM me if you’d be interested in a reading group for the books this December end (notionally a gothic book group, realistically it’s anything we all feel like that can be shoehorned as “gothic” - more feel good than not anyhow)

  8. I get not having clean drinking water...but they straight up don't have water to flush toilets either?

  9. https://www.vox.com/2022/8/31/23329604/jackson-mississippi-water-crisis

  10. Little known fact, the last name Tartar actually comes from a Tartar sauce obsessed nobleman

  11. On another post right now they’ve convinced a woman to divorce her husband because he admitted that when they first slept together he was repulsed by her. I get that it’s shitty, fine, divorce him, but now she’s keeping their 18 month old away from him. They think she’s justified in doing that because of what he said.

  12. As of last I checked, she's not preventing him from seeing the 18 month old - she just gets custody because of the age of the child. She seems fully willing to split custody when the child is older + allow him to see the kid.

  13. I haven’t heard of a year and a half being too young for shared custody.

  14. Depends on where they live (I don't think she specified). I know in my country it's often considered too young for shared custody or at least overnight visits by most judges. It's generally 2-2.5 years where shared custody for overnight stays is common (assuming no other issues barring shared custody, of course).

  15. Somehow losing a guy who always missed games in Patches and gaining a guy who never misses games in Kessel, who are both the same age, makes people think we're worse off.

  16. Honestly, if I were you, I'd be more concerned about goaltending than anything. If Eichel is back to form, you can make up for the Patches trade and more even without taking Kessel into consideration. But this wouldn't be the first time bad goaltending has sunk a team, and both Calgary and Edmonton should have no issues beating you guys for the division spots this year. Fully depends on if there's a third team that can take the guaranteed spot and what the other division does, but there's every chance you guys will miss the playoffs based solely on the goalies unfortunately (of course, there's also every chance you'll make it, but I'm seriously wary of unknown goalies after this past season)

  17. I thought I'd pooped my pants and was horrifically embarrassed when I got mine at 8. My mom did her best, but she couldn't imagine anyone getting it so early, and would have told me at 10, like she did my elder cousin - but then I got my period at 8.

  18. when will people learn that the streisand effect rarely works out

  19. We only have the sisters word that Claire is angry, she could be saying that because she’s the one that is angry

  20. It could literally just be Claire telling her mom “I wish I had an iPhone 15 as well” which is a fair desire to express to your mother when she isn’t the gifter. It’s on the mom to explain things rather than blow up at her sister.

  21. So what he did was rape the nanny. I read the article and it’s highly disturbing. What a sick fuck.

  22. I'm pretty sure the nanny was like 14 or 15, which just takes it from bad to worse

  23. I was going into this expecting it to be an Indian wedding because the bride wears red. But nope, just a standard white dress wedding and you’re NTA, I’ve never heard of no red dresses.

  24. If it was an Indian wedding, no one would care if you wore red. The bride in a traditional Indian wedding literally wears several kilograms of gold jewelry (I know people whose jewelry alone weighed 20+ kg), there's precisely 0 chance anyone's going to be mistaken for her.

  25. bit unclear - her mom's full on white British. Her dad is British with "Kashmiri origin," but IDK if that means he had one Kashmiri ancestor 200 years back or is a 1st/2nd gen immigrant himself.

  26. Those hospital bills must have hit the high six figures within the first year by year 5 she must have been drowning in bills. The mistress has been in care for at least 30 years so I still think why now. Why not ask for help 25, 15, or 10 years ago or at least when she turn 18 or when her 'grandparents' were alive?

  27. Could be that the maternal grandparents were shouldering a part of the finances, and they have since passed.

  28. The dad is an AH here because if this woman was his longterm mistress then he no doubt would know if this girl is his kid, And if she is he should've provided for her in his will after he supposedly going to have a second kid with this woman.

  29. Yeah, but the bio-dad's long dead and not really part of the current events happening beyond his theoretical DNA.

  30. Also “innocent until proven guilty” is stated for a reason.

  31. I mean, "innocent until proven guilty" is another legal precept. The court of public opinion has existed for as long as people have had opinions, and the public has no obligation to assume a person is innocent. It would be nice if they did, but there's no obligation like there is in the legal sense.

  32. As someone with relatively 'normal' fore- and sur-names which both have a less common spelling I get the frustration, though obviously to a much lesser degree.

  33. I mean, I could see it, but also I'll believe this when it comes from literally any Avs beat writer not named Adrian Dater

  34. (Now do the entire board + Smith stepping down as members of HC)

  35. OP, the final update isn't showing up in these comments

  36. Cleaned up the title to be more reader-friendly, you can watch the section of the video (~1min) to see the full discussion.

  37. honestly, this is the case when the fans need to step in. The only reason a team didn't sign Voynov and have him wait out the NHL's penalty is that they would have been (justifiably) raked over coals for doing it. they tried sending out test balloons a million times as is.

  38. depends on the language, I suspect, but there should also be a clause that covers something on the lines of "bringing bad publicity to the org / affecting the reputation of the org." Per a lawyer friend, in my country, you could use that to argue "player knew he fucked up and never told us, making us risk the org's good name by hiring him, therefore it's a material breach of contract." IDK how it works in NA law, though.

  39. Just a PSA: Fifteen weeks is not too late to have an abortion (assuming you are not in a red state with new abortion laws). Pregnancies can be terminated up to 24-25 weeks. After that point, the fetus is viable and an abortion is late term. You can still get an abortion, but there is only one clinic in the US that will do it and they will only do it for medical reasons.

  40. I mean, depends on where OP lives, I guess. I remember reading somewhere that France's abortion cut off is currently 14 weeks and they're only just debating kicking it up to 20, so it may just be that OP lives in a non-US country with a lower abortion cutoff period

  41. I don't live in the States. But yes I can get audio proof he did tell me that he'll be calling me tonight to know whether I would like to go out, more than that where would I like to go out. I can record it. But the thing reporting him is an issue. He's not working in the college anymore and the police in India are shit, they won't take 19 y/o seriously.

  42. Honestly, if you're up for it, I'd simply consider taking this public. Go to your local media and hit up social media as well.

  43. No, neither of them believe in therapy. Personally I don't think he was a great father to any of his children, but Eva is his clear favorite. Her relationship with her mom is not good. Her mom is constantly calling her racist for treating her stepdad and half sister exactly how she treats me and my girls (we are white) because he is POC and the sister is bi-racial. Even the stepdad tells her to stop and that it isn't racism.

  44. i mean, depends on whether OP's from an EU country originally

  45. Of course. I just kind of assumed, but I could be wrong. But this sounds like a kidnapping and Greece (upon some quick research) would more than likely extradite.

  46. I am curious why OP was not present or involved in Step Daughter's "lackluster" birthday parties? Is it possible OP refused to help plan, or host, said parties while going all in on planning and hosting parties for HER kids?

  47. Per OP, Clara wasn't interested in any sort of relationship w/ her and was a teen when she and her husband got together. May be one of two things:

  48. One question: you said MIL said you’re bad people for getting married and having a baby and that she said she never introduced a single boyfriend to her son because he wouldn’t like that, but then you said she was breastfeeding?! I’m confused, does she have a young child whose father isn’t in the picture?

  49. OP says Clara was a teen when she got together w/ her husband, so may just be a question of "I won't bring boyfriends around while my son is still a child" from FMIL

  50. The fiancé wants it to look to the world that her dad supports this awful relationship. Good for dad to not show up.

  51. I mean, here's the other option (admittedly rarer, but it does happen):

  52. The two men have been friend for a long time, which means OP’s fiancé more than likely knew her when she was a kid. Is there a one in a million chance there wasn’t any grooming at all? Sure, like infinite monkeys using typewriter can reproduce Shakespeare’s work, but that’s not likely. And even if there wasn’t any grooming and the relationship is “genuine”, the fact that he knew her as a kid while he was more than double her age makes is creepy.

  53. OP says they didn't talk until she was 18 🤷‍♀️

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