1. Insidious 1 and 2. The sequel made the confusing scenes in the first movie more sense.

  2. Two of my all time favorite movies! Totally agree. The way that all four of the films went together to fill in all the gaps was amazing.

  3. She should really just never show the back of her head. Ever.

  4. It’s like the hairstyling videos right before the end where they shake out the right curls and then it looks nice. This is before that. It does not look natural at all.

  5. What is the little one drinking in that bottle? I can only imagine how long she had to sit in that soaked shirt.

  6. I opted in when I got the email. They still haven't charged my card though, I guess when I'm cleared from the waitlist they will. I'm trying not to have too high hopes but I also don't want to miss out. I love Tatcha products so I hope they give us what is advertised.

  7. Post when you find out what it is!! I’m not gonna do it until I see what everyone else gets lol

  8. I'm being Uber petty but if it was $10 I wld do it, but I can't bring myself to do it at $15 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ new beauty does freebie Friday where you can score an expensive beauty product for free but pay $10 for shipping and I usually do that (the products are usually in the $80 and up price range) I guess if I could know what the product is a head of time that may make me more willing to pay $15 idk

  9. This was an upvote from me!! Hope she never births a child or ever has one under her temporary or permanent care either!

  10. I absolutely love the one on the right. I luckily don’t have very dry skin so lotion doesn’t need to be super moisturizing for me but the smell is fantastic!

  11. LMAO Spurgeon is stupid and pretentious, Newman is stupid like you asked a five year old to name a baby. And the meaning makes it even stupider. Both are incredibly bad in different and unique ways 😭

  12. She gave her kid the kind of name white people in Boulder give their boutique strain of weed 😫

  13. Yeah came here to say this too, really curious how he’s going to justify himself still being HVM in his own eyes since he’s literally a bum

  14. Mostly I'm just shocked that the product titles and pictures match...

  15. This looks like an AI generator got asked to create Kirk Cameron, birthday, unsettling

  16. I totally agree. It’s disgusting. There’s nothing wrong with porn or consuming it, but for someone like Paul it would give him unreal expectations about sex and consent. Reminder Paul wanted to use whipped cream on his and Morgan’s wedding night and she cried because she didn’t want to use it.

  17. How many times does a long ass red hair get into her baking? Pull your hair back, sheesh.

  18. You eat the hair, it’s part of the pioneer experience! Then, you get diphtheria.

  19. Whoever was brave enough to try the ham is likely still chewing it because it was so dry.

  20. I literally snorted at this. Not so great for human consumption but I bet a dog would love it!

  21. I looked at the guy in the background of the last photo’s eyes and now I’m worried I’m going to die in seven days or something

  22. this is the first I’ve seen of the (And Kaylee) wedding and honestly I’m shocked. It looks really nice, the dresses, the venue? Like Jill must have been SEETHING

  23. It’s so crazy but I’m glad that Proposition 6969 passed I was worried that strip clubs wouldn’t be prioritized over the church!! So grateful 🥰 Won’t She do it 🙌🏼🥰

  24. When does second chance end? I’m thinking about a couple of things but I need some time to reconsider lol

  25. “I will share super transparently” yeah I am definitely looking forward to that!

  26. If I had to do any of those things to save my marriage, nah just let it die 🤷🏻‍♀️

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