1. I went to neon carnival last year, imo its really fun. Imagine a mini fair, with with a dj set/ free drinks/ packed with celebs and cool ppl & vibes (if thats your thing) that's goes until like 6am in the morning lol

  2. How do you get neon wristbands ? Been before too but with others who aren’t going this year

  3. Met this guy who sells tickets for 500 lol i can send more details if you want

  4. Anybody going to neon carnival and soho desert house on Saturday , Tryna link and catch a vibe , im going solo.

  5. I would check out soho desert house everyone who is recommending you not to go to the parties surrounding Coachella wk 1 or prob the same people who have never been them. Lol

  6. Selling one Weekend 1 GA wristband. 350. Wristband in hand/ Paypal only. Ill even send the box 🎁

  7. The cookies in tulsa , was nothing just like the ones in colorado its really just a gimmick cause of hype. But the cookies in California and san Fransisco iss 100%%% worth it . Which is where the hype started cause the weed there is actually good

  8. Its even available for used ones bought for third parties

  9. Niggg you better smoke that shii, then reup when its time.

  10. Your feelings are completely valid. For what it's worth, I sympathize with your anger 100%. The person in the video was obviously not raised with any concept of respect for the property of others. It's inexcusable that that our system can't be bothered to mandate front license plates, or otherwise care about forcing the responsible party to make you whole.

  11. Im actually trading my deck for a ps5 because it doesnt have a lot of the games that i play and im big on multiplayer which it is not

  12. If the meat has any pink or if it had one of those little boney grissle things I'm done instantly.

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