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  1. Unpopular opinion: Bots are fine, the players here are just bad at the game and can't do on the fly threat assessment on who needs to die first.

  2. based take, bots die even quicker now, most of the bots in this sub just cant handle someone who shoots back

  3. Is this "different opinion to me therefore it must be a bot"?

  4. nah its just obvious OP is dog, its especially funny given his post on the 2042 subreddit got downvoted. Don't listen to him, keep it on because turning it off wont make you any less of a player than you already are.

  5. I may be jaded/have demoitis but this version of too bizarre sounds a lot weaker than the original albums version which i really fucked with a lot. I felt the same way when the album version of Leave me like this dropped as well.

  6. backing "vocals" on too bizarre are more prominent in this mix, also at 2;37 the synth? sounds different as well, if i had to guess there are more changes as well.

  7. man i remember this, its still so fucking good

  8. I think for that switch you need to use discovery tool to find it to access it.

  9. hey there, Ive previously done that actually and it leads me to it showing up, but when i click on "admin page" it brings me to the IP Address listed but it continuously loads, I believe it has to do with subnet mask but im not 100% sure how to make it so I can actually utilize the web interface

  10. Did you resolve this issue? I just got one of these switches and have same issue (cannot reach the web interface).

  11. i did not resolve it, i honestly gave up

  12. What browser are you using? I'd try turning off GPU Acceleration for whichever you use and seeing if that fixes your problem

  13. I am using chrome and have already turned that off. I have tried Firefox and edge and same thing happens.

  14. this is honestly a very weird issue, its nice to see that you tried limiting the refresh of the other monitors because i used to have a problem where league would feel choppy when i had something playing on my other monitor due to the monitors having different refresh rates. I hope you can get this fixed though, it would bother me to no end as you shouldn't be having this issue at all

  15. i REALLY hope this is an indication of the next up on singles releasing, this is my most wanted song off the album(s)

  16. bruh is that Justice in photo #9??? crazy to think they knew each other years before In My Head

  17. i was about to post this LMAO what the fuck that's so random... I actually thought about it more and it actually makes sense for them to potentially link up before, trav prob was working on Yeezus in France with Ye no way they didnt stop by in a session, Kanye was even in A Cross the Universe

  18. My favorite thing about this whole false ban issue that has looped people into 24h review intervals since 22nd, is the fact that the solution took literally 30 seconds or less. And the guy who posted here had his post removed twice already lmao. Since people did this fix, we can all play the game again. No more instant DC and under review. Its almost like most of the people coming here for HELP were not cheating in the first place. Otherwise our reviews wouldn’t have cleared.

  19. Switch to Dota 2 brother. Can speak directly to skill himself then

  20. my recent game of ARAM on League of Legends

  21. This EXACT same thing just started happening to me today. I just finished getting orion last night and now I can’t play at all. Where did you see your account is under review?

  22. look up activision support ban appeal, it should show that mw2/warzone 2 are "under review"

  23. Everyone listen to this I got shadow banned and I emailed the activision support team.. explain them your situation and it took me 2 days to get unbanned. I know a lot of people are stuck there for days or even weeks…. But do this and it will get you un banned… since it won’t let you create an appeal.

  24. this happened to me a week ago almost on the dot, i waited for roughly the time i got shadowed and sure enough it cleared away, just wait the week out. I was and will always be 100% legit, i still have genuinely no clue as to why i got hit with it.

  25. TIL how cute Sonny looks in a schoolgirl skirt bout to make me act up shit

  26. https://twitter.com/mrcarmack/status/1553273765706059777

  27. Powers VA sounds exactly like how I imagined her in my head when reading the manga, I’m so excited!

  28. For some reason I can't get the game to launch for me, same exact hardware as OP and following exact settings, I even did a clean reinstall of EA, put in keys and firmware still no dice. I'm on 2882

  29. I've had multiple builds done with Zong and they've all been done incredibly well, very helpful with getting a theme I wanted as well done for a specific board I had, plan on getting another one done soon!

  30. You can really see Shawn’s dick in this huh

  31. bumping this.......still having this issue

  32. yeah i get the same issue, its at random times of the day as well not just at the same time, really not sure why

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