McDonald's to leave Russia for good after 30 years

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Ukrainian Troops Appear To Have Fought All The Way To The Russian Border

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  1. Because the other option is to surrender. Soldiers who surrender have been given pretty damn good treatment by Ukraine.

  2. Nothing good would have happened to him and the man he shot would probably have been shot by someone else.

  3. They would of shot the soilder for disobedience and ordered a new one to shoot the civilian.

  4. Wouldn't you just be stuck in the black hole the sun creates?

  5. So the same gameplan for all his fights then

  6. I think an issue is that you do not need a license for everything. Especially normal life functions.

  7. Wow Gordon is going to self destruct if he loses the third time.

  8. I root for Gordon but I would be pleased if this happens

  9. Why on earth would you root for such a vile human?

  10. I seperate the man from the sport. I disagree with a lot of opinions, but on the mats that guys is great

  11. Breaking: Putin has upgraded his trade offer

  12. It's common to pull a random rocket from the arsenal for test launches. US does it too. Russia knows rockets, they fly.

  13. Well a portion of the Rockets they launched on Ukraine have been duds

  14. Like redditors saying a cop should be able to shoot a moving arm that is holding a knife instead of shooting the attacker in the torso lmao why are the neckbeards always on the side of the criminal in the comment sections of videos like this

  15. Because they have been kept warm and safe in their bubble. You know who wants to avoid fights? People who have been in fights.

  16. Dude this is true for people for a vast majority of things. In general people enjoy what they are good at and don't enjoy things they struggle with.

  17. No god didn’t the ppl did go read the Bible again

  18. God didn't send his only son to die for our sins?

  19. Maybe don't roll with people you don't feel comfortable with? Maybe start a dialogue about what type of roll your looking for in that instance?

  20. I've recently been getting into spawn comics. King spawn has been great followed by gunslinger for me

  21. Can someone explain the rose pat situation? Like was he grooming her? I have no clue their ages when they met?

  22. Honestly this was the fight where I gave up on Charles for a long time.

  23. I'm happy to see this fight. I like both guys so I guess maybe Chandler by something quick so he can get a title shot and Nate can go make money boxing!

  24. You decided the right choice is to physically assault a child? Homie your lucky you didn't go to jail.

  25. Because most people aren't going to try to lift you, and even if they do letting go is highly timing dependent as to where you end up. you might end up being able to reguard or roll out or you might not.

  26. He did say in the press conference he zoned out.

  27. Can someone tell me where all this pat is a pedo stuff is coming from, is it you guys don't like him and rose shaved her head or is there really shit.

  28. Homie they stripped him, Dana himself said that's enough.

  29. I was surprised at Danas reaction to that fight during the post fight conference. He was like eh, it happens sometimes

  30. Dana has been through a bunch of these. That's honestly the attitude he should have

  31. Let's bring in the yellow cards! lol

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